Contest #2: Win 0.5 SBD By Defining Love

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This contest is closed
Wait till I announce the next one
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Hello Steemians ,

This is your Crypto Boy with another Contest where you win 0.5 SBD just by expressing your thoughts

Today's topic is " Love "

So what is love according to you?

Express your thought and win 0.5 SBD


1: Only 1 entry per user
2: Upvote and Resteem this blog post.
3: Don't copy the words from the internet
4: Honest expression of words will be rewarded

Don't neglect the above rules. If you have made an entry and forgot a rule, your entry will be disqualified.

From now on there will be a contest every 2 Days So don't forget to follow me @manojm

The winner of the below contest is @bigtom13

His Words were:

Life is as good as the effort and thought I put into it.


Read this:



Due to the great support by @ausbitbank, I'm increasing the reward to 1 SBD

Have a good day


Love is undefinable in words , it is something to be felt, and is only felt when there aren't any conditions

Is topic pr to mene puri poem likhi hui hai ! Or article bhi !

Copy-paste kar do yahaan par!

bhari hojaega bachho k lie itna gyan :p :p :D :D

ab movie bnaao

youtube video bnaungi B)

mai like krunga.

steemit pr krdio like, ab youtube ko kon puchta hai :p

Love is humanity.

sex is the purest form of love :)

isko toh mai resteem krtaaaa....

God is Love

Resteem it bro

Have sex, ignore love.


My true love is @himshweta

@prabhat sun rha hh naa tu

Tune aaj marne se pehley ke last words bole hai na ??!!!

Love is considering someone else's needs instead of or as well as your own. Thanks for the contest!

Love is the harmonic relationship between two souls (substantial forms) that leads them to the realization of each one's Being.

If there are not two souls, there is no love. If there is no harmonic relationship between them, there is no love. If such harmonic relationship exists but does not lead to the realization of each one's Being, there is no love.

Love is like a texture: different feels but meant to be touched, expressed and owned.

Well, I actually wrote a love note the other day, and I feel it expressed exactly these sentiments, so I'll share it here. Love is the thing that I attempt to express through these words. What a beautiful contest this is. Thanks for putting it on.

My (opinion) of the definition of love and how love expresses itself:


If I don't know your happy, nothing really feels like it's worth doing. I know that's very drastic. I know that that may come off as crazy. But I need to say it because I need you to know that you are the only thing that brings me true happiness because you brought true happiness to me. I'd never known what living my most exciting life would be like. I never knew what going on a daily adventure to be better would look like. I never could imagine the feeling that someone would be able to spend every day with me and I not drive them mad. I never knew what it was like to not only be understood, but known in a way where I feel like you know more than I can literally fathom exists. It just seems that way and I have no proof for it except for what I hear you say and what I see manifested around us on a daily basis. It could be the littlest thing like the Dave Chapelle special's name (equanimity and something about a bird) or it could be the way you inject thoughts of creativity, fascination, and wonderment of the world into my ugly mug. I don't know how to explain you to someone outside of my brain, but to you I can explain you as the "one that makes me know life is worth living, that you can get through anything if you work hard, that you can be understood and you can be better every single day regardless of how good you think you are today. You are the one I am excited to marry. You are the one I'm excited to kiss. You are the one I'm excited to work out with. You're the one I'm excited to sit next to. You're the one that excites me the most when I see words from you. You're the one whose smile makes me smile the largest. You're the one that I always want happy even if I'm furious, you're the one who when you cry I break inside. You're the one that I can't wait to grow old with. You're the one that I can't wait to stay young with. And last and most important, you're the one that I love with every ounce of my understanding of how to love and you are the one to which I promise to never disappoint and to never be apart from; you are the one who I know deserves everything, and I am going to, to the best of my ability, be my most To hopefully bring you that which can be likened to the examination of a grain of sand for 1 second as compared in scope with that of the massive expanse of the unknown reaches of matter itself over the time period of maximum length which we have any scientific evidence for. I realize my insignificance in the vast reaches of existence, and I realize how stupid that could make me seem for thinking I can change anything about anything in a lasting way, but the one thing which I have no doubt over is that I will make you as happy as I can possible fathom how to do. I will absolutely always do my best to show you how good of a friend I can be. I will always do my best to show you how romantic, how good of a lover, how understanding and patient and kind I can be. I will fail to be my best every single day but i will always attempt to continue to reach higher and make you happier than I did the day before. You are my everything and you are my reason for existence for without you I would want to exist not at all, knowing all of the positivity you bring to my life now. Thank you for always being there for me, and with this I pledge to continue our journey together in a way that absolutely maximizes how much you are appreciated, loved, comforted, taken care of, and provided for in a way where you can reach your highest potential. I truly have no inkling of all the wonderful amazing things you are capable of. Everyday, you do more and create more opportunity than I thought possible. So I no longer even consider a limit for your talent. I look forward to and am honored that I just get to be a part of it. You are my guiding super star, and I am yours forever. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.

Love is a feeling to a particular subject or person. When you love, you're not looking for another, not comparing with others, you're happy and want to be together

Follow the rules

I followed all the rules

Love ? The thing that can't be traded

Love is the loveliest and amazing feelings between the two hearts. When together both the hearts its amazing

Resteem it bro

Love is what make us feeling like having our own world, spending countless time thinking n being with the one/ thing we love.

Love is for the brave and stupid.. Brave enough to face the pain stupid enough to fight for it.. Love is the most used word but the least meant.. So when you love you have to be brave to say and accept everything and stupid to cry for love..

Love is like Steemit platform, don't want to leave even a minute :))

Well for me love is finding someone who will bring out the best in you will have you supported for everything you do even on your ups and downs and will love and care for you until you loose your last breath. That's what love is for me.


Love is

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My pleasure

Love is the most beautiful feeling I can feel

Love to me starts with the self, Love is being able to free yourself from anything that doesn't improve your life! Self-love isthe most imp;ortant love of all....

Love is life that is indispensable to survive.

love is a super-natural power than can make or break you in a moment....
I thing all definations of love is inside this one line

Love is illusion

Love is impossible to catch and even easier to let go.

Love is that which is non-affordable, because it's a priceless feeling that makes having friends, family and people by your side, completely worth it

Love is being there holding you close and giving you comfort and keeping you safe when you wake up and have a bad dream!

When you give more and expect less. Love. Selfless

it is amazing post. i like it.think that everybody also like it So wow....

lv is life

love is the name of trust, understanding, & support without any limitations. It is a feeling that never ends.This is my feeling about love.

love is a chemical reaction similar to the rush a drug addict feels when the dopamine in the brain is released after getting his fix. but in this instance itd be when they see that one person that gives them the biggest rush. love is an addiction. technically a disease.

'Mother is Love '
upvoted resteem

LOVE is the greatest power the world could have

...can stop wars
...can make the hearts beats rapidly
...can make you smile with petty things
...can make time stops
...can make you happy with your whole life

Love is when you do all the good things for other peolpe like do that for yourself. Doing good gonna get good things. It is LOVE

Love is one of many form of emotions present in this Universe. Love can't be just limited to sex, Love occurs when all desires and emotions dies. Human Beings have ability to fall in Love with anyone, anything, anyplace. Where there is sacrifice of anything there is LOVE. Love is something which has power to make you smile even in your tough time.

GOD made Humans to spread Love, So what are you waiting for? :D


Love is patient attention, protective guidance, and human selflessness.

Love is freedom to go combined with desire to stay!

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Love is trust and believing in each other!

Love is wanting the best for the other person, even if it is exactly the opposite of what you want personally.

Oops, a little late to the party!

There is another Contest today participate it

Fistingan yang bagus

hi brother!love is very important of our love love...

Love is an unspoken word which is outspoken only to the one you like and feel for..