OCD & HashKings Contest

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This contest is intended to promote HashKings as part of OCD's initiative to support existing projects on Hive.

Hashkings is an ecosystem of blockchain games interconnected through a fully tokenized economy offering an unique experience built 100% in HIVE. Actual games include the farming game and Raids, Bang Defense! and many awesome games coming soon.

Hashkings can be a little bit confusing at first sight for new users but once you discover all its secrets, the possibilities to have fun and enjoy a P2E experience in HIVE are endless.

Hashkings is looking for posts made by their actual player base that can help in bringing new users to the ecosystem, even if they're not HIVE users.

What posts are we looking for from the community?

  • A "HOW TO PLAY" guide that can be for any of the HK games
  • Gameplays of BANG!
  • Secrets and Strategies
  • Posts with a review based in your experience with HK


Apart from the post rewards generated from this post and the curation of all eligible posts, we will also be giving away:


1st Prize: 25 GEN 2 Packs
2nd Place: 15 GEN 2 Packs
3rd Place: 10 GEN 2 Packs
Consolation prizes: 1 GEN 2 pack to all the participants,

Requirements to Join

  • The title must mention the word “HK”.
  • One post per user will be counted as an entry.
  • The post must be shared on twitter with #hashkings by the author or by someone else.
  • The post on the blockchain must contain #hashkings and #hk for visibility.
  • Participants MUST own NFTs from the game and have a record of playing the game.
  • No minimum word length for the post.
  • Deadline for submission will be a week after this post’s payout. The results will be decided a few days thereafter to give some time for curators to decide the winners.


Hashkings is an ecosystem of blockchain games interconnected through a fully tokenized economy offering an unique experience built 100% in HIVE. Actual games include the farming game and Raids, Bang Defense! and many awesome games coming soon.

Play Now: https://www.hashkings.app/
Join our discord: https://discord.com/invite/rVdsFAej
Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HashkingsGame

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@libertycrypto27 secondo me è un contest perfetto per te amico ;)


Grazie per avermelo fatto notare :)
Gioco su Hashkings e scrivo regolarmente su Hashkings e quindi, impegni di lavoro e tempo permettendo, cercherò di partecipare a questo bel contest!

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Great, i'm working on a review of the farming mode HK to the moon!! !PIZZA


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UF! Nice! I still own some lands! I have to dig on the updates and make an updated post (already done some in the past) but is a good oportunity i was going to start playing anyways!

So long without participating on a OCD event also

i came to know first time about it, but i am going to play it, and i will try my best to write my first experience or how to sign up or first time,, that is great ,, time thank you very much

That's is really great and interesting game it would be. I tried signing in to play using Hive keychain as the site demands. But I couldn't. I don't know if I was wrong somewhere. May be you can educate we Newbies how to go about this. Or would there be any help on discord chat page. Thanks very much for your great support.

Wow! Nice OCD thanks for your support of hive games! I think they are very important for the growth of hive! ill be participating and playing in hashkings now :D can you do @psyberx @risingstargame and @kingofduels too! 3 games working on Hive blockchain and ready to rock!!!!

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here is my submission


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hive: https://peakd.com/hive-131619/@cryptoniusrex/the-hk-weed-farmers-almanac-a-complete-guide-to-the-basics-of-hash-kings