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Hello Steemit!

Week 4's contest was a story writing prompt. And a call for helping Colette, a wonderful lady who's unfortunately needing to battle cancer. I was very happy to see the number of people who came forward to support the cause. If people don't help other people in real need, who else will? Right? A big thank you to all those who came forward to help. From my heart.

Coming to the contest, it was a writing prompt (https://steemit.com/contest/@sandzat/now-what-was-i-thinking-potpourri-treasure-contest-week-4) that continued from a sci-fi future short story I had written.

@nexusfyre came along and turned it into an absolutely fantastic story with a great ending!
(https://steemit.com/potpourri-treasure/@nexusfyre/here-there-be-trolls-potpourri-treasure-contest-week-4) He is the undisputed winner of the Week 4's contest!

For those who are not aware, @nexusfyre is an extremely dedicated and wonderful writer I had the pleasure of meeting at PAL Discord. Do say Hi to him if you run into him! And do check out his blog. Using his super-rich imagination and his terrific writing skills, he's created plenty of excellent stuff for us to read and enjoy! His latest work is his fantastic entry in an exciting contest by @benjojo. Do check it out: https://steemit.com/nanomancer/@nexusfyre/nanomancer-creative-writing-competition-entry-the-great-wound.

Congratulations and thank you again, @nexusfyre! Eagerly look forward to more such excellent writing from you!



Wow @sandzat ! I feel like a million bucks right now! Much of the reason why I am even motivated to write is due to wonderful facilitators like yourself who truly add a magical aspect to the steemit community!

As always, I need to thank yourself @sandzat and everyone at the MSP Fiction Workshop. I am just beginning to realize my writing ability and this is due largely from everyone's tireless help and advice over at the Fiction Workshop. I highly encourage anyone who has the least bit interest in improving their writing skills to check out the Workshop on discord chat. I will include a link below as well as the workshops direct site.

Here is the invitation link to Discord Chat directly:

You can also find more information here:

Thank you again to everyone involved! A good deal of what drives my passion to write is due to this amazing community! Cheers!

Your link is currently broken to his awesome story!!! He so totally deserved to win that one. That story was just perfect.

Thanks Bex! I've been trying to fix it. But, it is not linking. I'm still working on it.

Yes, he just picks up from the story prompt beautifully and makes the story his own, doesn't he? His work is truly amazing!

Done. Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out, @bex-dk. :)

Thank you @bex-dk! Your entry was inspiring as well! Definitely worthy of placing. Keep it up!