Design Contest Results! [Winners Paid]

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Thanks for everyone who entered and everyone who voted! We have tallied the votes and the results are below:

1 - @thelifestyler 53 votes
2 - @artlover 9 votes
3 - @orcheva 3 votes
4 - @lirfael 6 votes
5 - @mendezand 7 votes
6 - @byronviljoen 21 votes
7 - @yusaymon 1 vote

Obviously the most popular and thereby grand prize winner was from @thelifestyler and won the 50 SBD grand prize:

HOWEVER, we decided we had a few others we really liked and could use in other places!

@artlover's transforming logo to mascot is something we really thought is interesting and won 15 SBD:

@orcheva we really love this mascot and want to use it on our 404 page as well as other internal places and won 15 SBD:

And finally, @yusaymon for having the most unique design and concept we award you a 5 SBD prize!

Thanks again to everyone who joined! Proof of prizes are below:


Congratulation @thelifestyler

thanks for choose me as a winner !! happy when i see my work on your profile picture..

We felt it stands out best for our pro pic! Thanks again glad everyone had fun! We will continue to do fun things like this as we continue on!

WOW thank u very very very much !!! <3

Glad to have you on board! If you could add some color and take that concept to the "next" level it would really work!

Thanks for sharing ,
Upvoted !
By the way,I started following you and I would appreciate your follow back too
please visit my blog and vote me too

thanks for sharing!

nice one...Good one.. keep upvoting and commenting my post.. I will do same..daily

Hi @shadowbot My Shadow Rank is only 5%, I think, I should get more than that.

Yes the re-adjustment algorithm runs once per day, and I believe it should bump you to at least 10! I'll track it and be sure but over 1,000 SP you should not stay at 5%!

You are currently at 14 shadow rank! Thanks for joining keep up the good work!

Thanks @shadowbot & yes I will.

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Thanks for considering my design :)) This competition has given me a new character that I will be creating in 3d pretty soon. :D

Can't wait to see! Really loved this design, though if you could make the B have a line on the side (it looks like a 3) that would be perfect! Thanks again! Super excited to see what else you come up with!

vote,comment i did,hope u will back.

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Great question, yes it is ultimately your low steem power. For more technical information you will need to learn how the reward pool works.

Basically there are only so many new coins made each week and more posts combined with lower price for steem lead to rewards going down.

At a certain threshold the steem network deems a reward "dust" and rounds it down to 0 which leads to no payout.

Take a look at your profile:

The last vote you cast from shadowbot:

Permalink VP Shadow Reward Voted
@mykos/mykos-coin-selling 100% 0.00209848 SBD 2 hours ago

you see 0.002 SBD was the entire reward, and curators only earn 25% of that, which would be 0.0005 SBD (dust and rounded to 0).

The best thing to do is while Steem (Power) is under $1 stock up as much as you can and always use 100% power up for your posts to continue to grow that SP! Around 500 SP you should never run into these issues!

Hope that helps a little!

Awesome, you will notice at ~500 SP you also get the Voting Power Slider as well which is super nice for allocating less than a full 2% each vote you cast manually!