Daily Contest Leo Edition: What Have You Learned From The Crypto Bear Market

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I don't know if the end is near but we are hopefully getting close to getting out of this bear market and into a bull run. It has been a long two years for crypto and a lot of lessons have been learned along the way. I'm sure we are all down one way or another and I don't short so there was no profits to be made.

What have you learned over the last two years?

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I learned two things when it comes to crypto businesses and where to invest:

1.) Projects that are bringing in USD separate from their coin
2.) Projects that pay daily dividends so I can compound in the bad days.




Never feel bad for taking profit.

Yes, it's good to hodl, but I could have bought so much more Steem or insert crypto coin now then I could have when I was in the green.

The second which kind of goes with the first is never be all in on a market and always have some green set aside because when you think the market will never go lower, just remember, it can always go lower.

The best learning I got from the crypto bear market is to try buying some for the future. With regard to steem and steemit, I learned to power up all that I earned and never been doing cash out. I think it so advantages into my side as I grew my steem power I double my earning because of this, I able to upvote with value helping other steemians and I noticed also that I am also upvoted unlike before.

Whereas, during the value was so high, I was tempted selling everytime I earned a little. Therefore, I learned to be patient buy low sell high and this will be for the future.

Thank you @whatageek

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