Everything Looks Better With Ned's Hair. 20 Steem in Prizes

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Its a contest, it's a battle...  My fun engagement project this week is 

Everything is better with Ned's Hair!!!!

Your Mission is to Paste Ned's Perfect Hair on Absolutely EVERYTHING.

20 Steem Dollars will be awarded, make it fun! Make it hairy, the world should see Ned's perfect hair! No harm meant @ned, we just love your hair! Ned's pre-cropped hair by @elgeko


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omg genius @thedegensloth haha I love this!!!! I don't want to enter anymore haha

Oh, this is going to be fun!

@ned your hair is great and it will take us to crypto heaven, dont listen to the non-believers

Does it kill aliens too?

no, but it's better for you than Marlboro Red and Shoulders. It's menthol.

Head and shoulders above the rest.




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hello my dear Steemian Friends, I like my crew they are awesome and I love 5 star dining
Buy at the dip folks, buy at the dip

LOL @battleaxe omg

Someone help me here - I don't know anything about the woman in this pic!
Is this a meme or something?


She's a steem user that used to trend every day, in part to Ned's vote. There is a lot of Steem History in that photo. :)

No WAY! lol

Thanks for that info, @whatsup!

Might have to take a peek at the blockchain from early on hehe

you have a great name,

Why, thank-you, @battleaxe!

used to... quietly goes off to sip Agave sweetened tea and tend to the garden a bit before starting to cook a super posh meal

This is so fucking meta.. I love it!

is she dead yet?


this is so wrong in so many levels, animal abuse.... me not knowing who I would prefer to fuck, etc

megafacepalm !!!!

ROLF ROLF as Original

This one kills me!

@elgeko you know this is wrong. so wrong haha!



LOL @meesterboom you got it.. haha! You look great with Ned's hair.

I do!! I must buy some!!

As Original
Boom Boom Boom

Hehe, cheers mate!

Lol :)

Well done, well done!

Cheers, it made a train journey go all the quicker!

Great contest idea @whatsup , this was so much fun! I love all these pics!

Here is my entry:

They are really fun!


Nedalik Scuterin

Lol! haha

So great and so green!

Our dear @oppong . edited: @emmanueloppong


is this related to the ping command?

Nah, its Oppong from steemspeak if you remember lol

This guy really suits the cut

I heard he has a bad temper.

These are really great!

Would the real Ned, please stand up!

LOL, this went so much better than I had even hoped.

It's just that much funnier because you're asking us to use @ned's hair! lol

It’s epic

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NedDan - The "Hair-Raising" Reunion


Oh boy, let's hope Ned doesn't see this one.

It kind of suits him, in a "old school photo" kind of way.

Love the caption! LOLOLOLOLOL


is this an acronym for suck my t bone sucker?

@sircork I just can't handle this one .. I am really laughing out loud..omg this one is too good. I think it is the way you cover his right ear with hair. lol oh, my!


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Oh man... hahaha

omg laughing so hard .. what the hey?

Hey hey hey! Am I late?
Wasu wasu wasu wasuuuuup! BitcoNEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!


LOL OMG this is hilarious! I’m sure his wife will believe in him now

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Clever word play.

Ned's a Pretty Bird Pretty Bird.jpg

Pretty bird! Pretty bird! (Shameless self-aggrandizement)


Yep, it does look better! Amazing! 😂

Holy crap! This is hilarious!!!!!

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I will never look at the logo in the same way.. hey maybe I will use it on my posts .. lol

How could I not? I mean really. LOL

ducks and runs for her life

Cork Ned Hair.jpg

I'll stab a bitch, don't test me.

I shared it in PYPT, too. LOLOL!

i shared the pic in steemspeak and got told to eat more.

At least they care about you. :-)

I want to change the bill's caption to the "U-Ned-ed States"


I just like Alpacas....it's a spirit animal thing

Glory insisted that I enter Her Fatness in this contest.
Glory Ned Hair.jpg

@markangeltrueman I will see your Carl, and raise you a Carl in a sarong.

Meet @carlgnash, he is a naturalist currently living in the Northwest portions of the United States. He enjoys long photoshoots on the beach, all natural "herbs", and searching for exceptional content in his spare time.

is that a Ned in your pocket or are you pleased to see me.

The source of Ned's creative hairstyle.

It's true the, all trends really can be traced back to the egyptians!

My sides hurt!

Really great one! lol. Fun



uv myself because...............wanna know truth
crypto and fiat equal

As Ned is charming and nice like winnie pooh, here my entry.
We are all Ned


What I am thinking looking at some of the entries in here. xD
Nice contest though. I really like looking at all the creative ideas the people have :-)

hahaha that's true!! I'm thinking that too @flugschwein

HAHAA great one! I'm calling The @allseeingewe and @overkillcoin over to the party :D :D :D

Two Neds in one bra. =)neds.jpg

@enginewitty will love this one!

That cleavage though.

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You are so philosophical ! YES!


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ned hero 6.png
Coming to theaters near you Ned hero 6

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 3.09.49 PM.png

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