Forget What You Learned In School! Here Are Some Real Tips!

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Remember all those rules you learned in school? Forget them! Rules are meant to be broken. Especially in writing.⠀

Here are some real copywriting tips:⠀

🌈 Write like you talk. Become your reader's best friend. Let them get to know your personality. Then tell them about your awesome product or service as you would to a friend. Make it organic. Sure keywords are important, but no one actually wants to read the same keyword in your copy 25 times for every 100 words. Ultimately, you're writing for a person, not only the Google algorithm. Conversational copy is actually good SEO.⠀

❗️ Forget about grammar rules. Start your sentence with "and". Go ahead, see how it feels. Use a three-word sentence. And then a super long one right after you have the reader's attention. Have fun writing. Your reader will enjoy reading.⠀

🤞 Be honest. Tell people about the wonderful benefits. But also tell them about the risks. The possibility of these risks. I'm sure your reader has these questions- answer them! Don't worry, your audience will appreciate your honesty.⠀

👑 Position yourself as an expert. Share the information you know. Don't skimp on details. Longer copy is okay. If it provides value. Answer your reader's questions before they even ask them. Present yourself as the well-rounded educated business professional you are.⠀

Need help with implementing any of these tips into your copy. Let me know! 💕⠀

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