World after Corona - what will it look like?

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What will the world look like after the pandemic has began to turn life "normal"?

Personally I doubt we will ever go back to what we referred as normal 2 months ago.

But how will this show in day to day life in the future?
Will governments that've stripped walls and created more laws to bring more power to themselves just give it up after the pandemic is gone?
Will mass surveillance continue to grow? Will restricting people's movements continue?

I was expecting a big economic crash during 2020, though had no clue it would happen in such a way.
I still have a tingle in my butt that this was just the first taste - to see how the world reacts to such a situation.
Perhaps we still will see a normalization of lifestyle, until....

So many tin foil hat theories seem to lock into place which I and many others have been talking about for years. And with such speed! The whole world in lockdown! Economy crashing to levels not seen before! FED printing ridiculous amounts of money. Government's in need of more and more debt. Unprecedented amount of people losing their livelihoods.

What are your thoughts? Will we slip into dystopia, an Orwellian world?
Or is this the step in the right direction? Legacy systems seem to be crumbling around and obviously need to be replaced.
Is this where crypto starts stepping into the mainstream?
Is this a step to a new brave world where peace and prosperity has the first hand?