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RE: Lower than predicted death tolls evidence of social distancing working?

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In a way, if it does exist and is a risk, it's already in the global biological pool. We should just accept it.
The level of misinformation is terrible. I do not think the social distancing and other measures worked because there evidence it did not cause any change in other areas that did not close off.
Also, it is not more lethal than your typical flu. Probably is the same thing.


Which other areas that chose not to close off and subsequently saw down turn / flattening of the curve?

Take Sweden's "Screw it, we'll rely on herd immunity" policy against it's Nordic neighbours.


it will be a while before we can see the whole picture on Sweden. If Sweden does accomplish their goals (if herd immunity is even their goal) then it is fathomable that Denmark Norway and Finland will have to keep restrictions in place or else eventually face that spike that Sweden is getting past right now.

That might be the goal, I don't really have any idea.

Studies at the weekend suggested between 25-40 per cent of Stockholm may have actually already had the virus. It could be up to 60 per cent by late May. In France, it is currently believed to stand at around six per cent.

As a fan of freedom, I think it is refreshing to see at least one country that leaves it up to their population if they want to be afraid or not.

covid19 actually has a mortality rate of up to 20% in people 80 and older, and 10% in people 70 and older. As for everyone else, its estimated about 1% mortality rate, while the flu is about 0.1% across the whole population, including seniors. Social distancing is an old practice, like thousands of years old, long before people even knew about germs and viruses. Compared to pandemics of the past however like smallpox, TB, polio and others, covid19 is fairly tame. Some of the past pandemics had up to 60% mortality rates across the age spectrum. At least if something like that comes around in the future, we'll actually be prepared. If covid19 was as bad as smallpox, we would have been screwed. But, you don't want the coronavirus to rampage through a population, as RNA virus mutate a lot, and gambling that it won't mutate into a killer virus is... well, a gamble.