Plandemic ?

in #coronavirus3 months ago

Here we go. Why is it that when things like this happen there are always bread crumbs. Are they coordinated or random. ThoughtCrime7 has stitched it up here in a way that makes a reasonable person ask more questions and the truth community think, here we go again.

The question is, how do we come out on the other side. 9-11 instituted many measures that violated civil liberties and put government agencies in place that have spent billions. It also started wars that spent trillions.

Is this the new "war on xxx" that will last 30 years. Collage grads this year have no memories of 9-11 or the first Gulf war. Perhaps this it their dose of fear that will convince them to be taxed into serfdom?

Going back the the cold war and the nuclear threat how many "fears" have been manufactured on humanity? And what the the results of that fear.

You must admit this is a good one.