Chillin' in Costa Rica: Pura Vida is the Best Life

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Here in Costa Rica, @michelios and I are able to spend a great deal of time outdoors. One of our favorite things to do is hike to the Atirro River because there's almost always a chance to pop in for a swim. The water is crystal clear and cold, which feels great on a hot day. We have multiple favorite spots that we choose to go depending on how adventurous (or not) we feel at the moment. Multiple animals tend to accompany us, including the Amazon parrot who adopted us as her flock. She climbs around and plays in the trees while the rest of us splash in the shoals. She is free to fly away and live as a wild bird any time she wants, but as you can see in the video, she clearly chooses a home with us.

Michel and I are working on our YouTube channel and just passed a hundred subscribers. We're proud of that accomplishment since the channel branding is still very new. We will provide viewers a look at native Costa Rica, away from the tourist traps and urban sprawl. It's a side of Costa Rica that few travelers get to see, a glimpse of life in the rainforest that raw and real. We do hope to share the things we learn about off-grid homesteading as we develop our plot of land, as well as the adventures we have living in a bus. For now, until we're settled on our small farm, we share our day to day experiences in what is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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Beautiful post!!! I smiled in love all the 8 minutes of this amazing video, such a powerful energy! I wish the world rises up to this vibe. Let's shine and it will rise and flourish and overflow the hearts of people!
Looking forward to enjoy more of this Wonderful Life in Costa Rica :)
Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world.
Beauty, wisdom and kindness will save our civilization.

Laura, I'm really glad we met in PYPT. I agree with you 100% about the energy of this place and I'm glad it shows in the video. Michel and I both fled our home countries to escape the negativity raining down on us there. There's nowhere perfect on all the earth, but there are still places of healing and joy. We think we've found ours.

I'm so glad you're able to enjoy the natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle in Costa Rica. We're looking at homesteading where we are, and possibly buying land so we can grow/raise more of our own food. I think that's a great focus, no matter where we are in the world.

And you now have one more subscriber to your YouTube channel. :)

Thank you, Katrina! I do think learning to homestead now is a good idea, because even if things don't go as badly as most of us suspect they might, those are useful skills to develop and pass on to our kids. We're by no means happy with the political stance of Costa Rica on some issues (you know exactly what I'm talking about,) but at least it's still possible to retreat into these mountains and stay out of the kerfluffle. For now, we'll go with that.

Yes! I agree. Enjoy where you are, the best you can. Sending love from our mountain retreat to yours.

That is, indeed, beautiful country where you are living now! I am so happy for you, to have found such a wonderful place, and someone with whom to share it! 😊

Thank you! My world has changed completely since I found that other legacy chain in 2017. Or was it 2016? I can't remember anymore. The years have all blurred together. LOL But yes, we are very happy here. Concerned about things happening around the world, but overall, life couldn't be better. Good to talk to you again!

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I love it that you're in Costa Rica, driving to Mexico every 90 days or so, living with this incredible Frenchman you met at a Steemfest in Poland, hanging out with animals (more species now that ever before, back in Tazewell County), and... the bus.... and.... EVERYTHING... and I'm sorry I have been missing out on your posts here. I need to keep track of these! At least I can resteem (re-hive?). Having known you since 2009, when you were still an EMT, it's been like reading a novel to watch your life progress. The opening of the 501(c)3 animal rescue was epic, and Steemit offered some suppor there. So much has happened in your life. It's like a fairy tale. Now to wave a magic wand over you and get the lupus and other medical issues cleared away. Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo, be well, you! {{ Hugs! }}