BOMBSHELL: Major study finds Natural Immunity is far superior against Covid than Pfizer!

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Pfizer is generally seen as the world's best mRNA injection for Covid-19, but Israeli researchers have found you're much better off if you've recovered from the virus on your own! The study, just released, was made possible because Israel exclusively used Pfizer - very quickly before any other country - generating a wealth of data which now shows the whole thing did more harm than good!

Natural immunity provides longer lasting AND stronger protection against infection by the SARS-CoV2 Delta variant than vaccine-induced immunity from the Pfizer shot. The same goes for protection from symptomatic disease and hospitalization.


And it's not just a small difference - natural immunity is multiple times better against the Delta variant, which has become the dominant mutation spreading across North America, at nearly 90% of cases.

You're FAR safer once you've had the virus naturally and recovered, like I did in Feb-April 2020, than if you were to take the so-called vaccine.

So why are they making this injection MANDATORY for everyone except social outcasts? Along with an "immunity pass". Do these injections make anyone immune? Nope! And we can prove it. Meanwhile, those of us who actually are immune, are being removed from society and outcast as dangerous lepers.

This is SICK!

Remember this study whenever anybody uses the term "immunity passport". They aren't immune. They're just carrying a digital app to prove their submission to big pharma and the state, that's all. It's the rest of us who are actually protected from the virus. Not only are the so-called vaccines not "safe and effective", they're downright dangerous.

We're told "this is NOT a manmade virus that escaped from a lab, it's a natural virus". So if this is really just a garden-variety bug from Nature, like those we have been encountering and dealing with for millions of years, why the rush to replace our immune systems with spike-protein generators injected through a syringe?

Remember: You can NEVER get unvaccinated.



ReHived to my hemptastic followers, to help offset the damage done by political downvoters trying to censor this info.

The downvotes trying to minimize and discredit this info are a badge of honour, and a badge of shame for those doing them.

@drutter Arise people and wake up to the deception! Thanks for sharing the truth!

FYI: and you may already know this?

Here in the US our beloved CDC which has effectively bypassed the three branches of our government, Judicial, legislative and executive has declared the following:

They (CDC) is listing vaccinated COVID-19 deaths as "UNVACCINATED" if they die within 14 days of receiving the jab.

Oh my....... what will be next?

The kingdom sends some......




I don't know what's next, but that's pretty crazy! Sounds like anyone who dies from the jab will now be called "unvaxxed" and added to the unvaxxed death count.
Thanks for the !LUV :D

@drutter Well.......... all of this is rather unfortunate and unnecessary. We are reminding ourselves daily to envision a transformed future where all of this planet has access to "Free Energy" and clean purified water and able to live in Peace sans organized government, religion, big tech, etc and/or any other organization/person who attempts to remove our right to freedom of choice.

The key here is to remove oneself from the "noise" and see the alternate time line. All of the current nonsense has a way of seducing us off of our trajectory.

The King thanks thee for dropping by and stay strong in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

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Wow, bombshell is right!!
My only concern is that even with MAJOR proof like this that the vaccines don't work, and are harming people, the narrative marches on. Just when it seems people are going to have to wake up and do something about all this crap, something happens to scare the majority back into submission. Another variant, or a spike in cases, or new restrictions announced, and so on. I'm glad we can finally provide excellent proof to back up our claims that the vaccines are inferior to our immune systems. That's big.

Thanks for reHiving :))
I've also upvoted and shared this one. Big news!

Seems like they should have known this already. Big Pharma is just evil.

Extremely evil. What can be done other than spreading awareness? Walkouts and strikes and mass disobedience next?

Good point, surely their "extensive testing" already revealed this internally. To still be pushing this means it's being done by design, and no accident. A lot of us know that already but more and more evidence just keeps piling up.

Groundbreaking scientific discoveries! Too bad this is all about politics, though. I'll memorise this fact to tell brain-dead morons with a 10-second attention span...right along with other unpalatable facts that shatter this narrative like: the virus is smaller than the holes in the mask, the Manitoba premier testified in court that the PCR test has an over 56% false positive rate, and the death statistics of COVID are literally the same as the seasonal flu.

The other side has chosen poorly and they know it, but there's a lot of them so they're bold.

In Canada, we should have just protected the elderly and immuno-compromised, increase hospital staff, invested in a few ventilators, and equip the healthcare system with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

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It's interesting that you don't mention one of the conclusions of the study: getting a shot after having recovered from COVID gives you the best immunity, and that is confirmed by all the studies, with all measures of immunity. And that's even more true with Delta variant.
Oh, and your conclusion: "more harm than good" is obviously false. I'm glad you recovered well, but many didn't. Without even talking about the deaths, just the number of people with long-haul makes your statement wrong.

"just the number of people with long-haul makes your statement wrong"
It makes your opinion at odds with mine, but it doesn't prove me wrong or you right.

"you don't mention one of the conclusions of the study: getting a shot after having recovered from COVID gives you the best immunity"
You appear to be misunderstanding or mischaracterizing the data.

It makes your opinion at odds with mine, but it doesn't prove me wrong or you right.

This is a simple comparison of numbers, but if you want to call it an opinion, that's fine.

You appear to be misunderstanding or mischaracterizing the data.

That is not my interpretation, but the conclusion of the authors of the study you based your post on. It is written in plain English in their conclusions: "Individuals who were both previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the vaccine gained additional protection against the Delta variant"
If that is not sufficient, it's repeated at least a couple of times in the main study text in various forms and details. In case you want to check their findings yourself, it is all there in the Model3 data.

"additional protection"

That's not data, it's somebody's subjective opinion. But even if it's true that natural immunity plus Pfizer (just a single dose) is better than just natural immunity, by how much? Because we know Pfizer is killing and harming a LOT of people. We need to know by how much it's better than just natural immunity, so we can start to weigh it against the cost, which is being downplayed and hidden, and still years from being fully tabulated.

Also... just a single dose? Not 2 or 3 (or more) doses, which is what it takes to be considered fully vaccinated, and be granted an "immunity passport". Only an insignificant fraction of the public is going to have natural immunity, and then later, receive only a single dose of Pfizer. Not worth mentioning.

Did you even read the study you cited as the main source for your post? First, you tell me I misunderstood the data, then that it doesn't exist when it's obviously there. The paper is only about 30 pages with fairly big fonts and plenty of graphs, this is not that long and I even indicated where the data was. And I mean it's one study, there are dozen, all with similar results. So, the data is definitely out there but it's like you don't care to look for it, complain it's not available, and form an opinion with no data. But here it is: previously infected with a single dose are 1.85 times less likely to get reinfected than the previously infected with no vaccine. And as we all know, less reinfection means less transmission and replication, and less opportunity for new variant to emerge. But it is true that many reinfections should not be too severe, at least not if they're not too long after the first one, before the immunity starts waning.
Now, why a single dose, because that's what is recommended by many countries (like France, Germany, Italy...) for people with previous confirmed infection. Several studies show a second dose boosts the immunity even further, but the gains are not so much compared to the single dose. So no, it's not an insignificant fraction of the public, but actually the majority in these countries. But maybe not your country, I do not know.

Because we know Pfizer is killing and harming a LOT of people

Please, anybody that understand the VAERS database (or its equivalent in other country) knows it's one big lie started by a few ill-intentioned people and parroted by thousand of people who don't (or don't want to) understand it. Adverse reactions, including deaths, can occur. Nobody (at least no doctors or scientists) denies it. They're of course tragic, but the numbers are extremely low. Of course, nobody should take my word for it, but there is a very simple test anybody can do. It doesn't rely on governments sanctioned data, or right/left wing talking heads' non-sense, it's just your local doctors and hospitals. Go and ask them this very straight forward question: how many beds are used by patients with severe COVID complications, and how many with vaccines injuries. Even after removing all the cases of people older or with comorbidities from the former, the latter number will always be so much smaller. You can repeat for as many hospitals as needed, to reach a statistically significant sample.
I have plenty of relatives working in healthcare, from nurses to ICU doctors. I asked them and also several people working in local hospitals around here. Between all of them, it covers at least several hundred thousands vaccinated people. Their answers were all similar: plenty of patients in the first group, very little, if any, in the second...

@manuvert We believe that one should look at all the available data and then go one step further and ask who FUNDED the data? Follow the money trail and it will lead you to the truth.

A book well worth reading is called "How to Lie with Statistics."

ISBN-13: 978-0393310726
ISBN-10: 0393310728

Absolutely, and that is why one should try and not rely on only one study for anything. And in this particular case, there are at least half a dozen studies independently funded, all with similar results.
Regarding statistics, for any serious study, the raw data is always available and easy to check out. But for some reason, many people claim the data is hidden or doesn't exist.
And finally, "follow the money" needs to be done by everybody. There's a few people getting very rich from spreading easily debunked lies about vaccines, tests, etc... I was mentioning just that in a different comment.

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