Conspiracy Theorists right yet again - Digital Vaccination Passports to participate in society in BC!

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▶️ A dark day in Canada, as BC (and most other provinces) announce vaccine mandates and digital passports for all non-essential activities. "Conspiracy theorists" predicted this would happen a year ago, but were called crazy and banned from mainstream social media platforms. Now here we are.

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You're going to need to find some new conspiracy theories.... all the ones you've been talking about for 10+ years have now been confirmed.

Hold up the Charter of Rights and Freedoms .

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It's flawed but it's ours! We can use it to secure some basic rights and go from there. But a good cleaning out of the system needs to occur!

It is something that they say they are holding to. Perhaps a reminder to them in the physical moment.
A deep clean with acids and bases to take away the crud, turd and the top layers to a clean surface again.

That sounds good. It's a framework we can build around and get something up in a hurry. Then when there's time later on, we can rebuild everything from scratch. But having some sort of rights in place now is important, even if it's just paper, or thin air. Cleaning it down to the surface would be great, nice call.
As long as we have the rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, free speech, and bearing arms, we're half way there already. Of course, we then need to claim and protect and exercise them, too.

Overall the pertinent point is No one is able to grant another rights. Humans have rights that the no other cannot define enforce defend or live to. One must set ones own course and live to that. Universal law. Do what you want but do no harm! What do you think?

I won't take the crapcine either.

I listened a couple of days ago over on the CHUTE.
There's virtually nothing that surprises me with this plandemic anymore bro.
Hopefully we'll be able to continue on in society somehow.. Moment by moment we go..

Oy vey. What conspiracy? But you are creating and exacerbating the problem by not vaccinating... Ya, imagine if everyone said no to the polio vaccine or the smallpox vaccine. I can remember, as a kid, public pools being closed because someone had come down with polio and had recently swum in it. But we all lined up, did our thing and got the vaccine... and a passport. Polio, smallpox, diphtheria, tetanus... it's all in my passport!

Vaccine passports have been around for decades... society did not, has not and will not crumble because of them. But what might do us in is the Internet enablement of the conspiracy theories and misinformation that have hit us worse than any virus ever could.

My paper passport and I'll load the digital one when it comes.

I've worn the uniform and fought for your entitlement so that you can have the freedom to do what you are doing now.

SO, sit down, shut up and stop your whining! And while you are at get vaccinated so that we can all put away the passports and get back to normal. FFS.

Oh good, a brainwashed media bot. Come here and learn something.

I'm already immune, and so any injection with a leaky (non-sterilizing) "vaccine" would put me at greater risk of infection, symptoms, and death. Sounds like you don't have a medical background, as I do, but you can definitely run some searches and confirm that for yourself.

Nothing like what is being put into place now "has been around for decades". That little yellow form is almost nothing like what's happening now, with digital ID required for entry/participation to almost every aspect of life. Ridiculous strawman. Are you 12?

I will not sit down. It's time for you to stand up and be a real man. Get yourself educated about what's going on here, and stop spreading disinfo and hate. Sounds like you are not the type to better yourself with knowledge, though, or you wouldn't be in this state. Good luck.

You presume. The video (always the response) is an amplification of your echo chamber.

Without watching let me see if I can guess - Censorshiped video of Dr. so and so, claims vaccines cause cancer, the government is hiding information on ivermectin and its effectiveness by suppressing life-saving medication. How am I doing so far...medically speaking.

You are immune(probably non-sterilizing immunity)? If you had a medical background (which I call bullshit on) you would know that immunity will likely wain (real research shows.) Medically speaking you would also know that the covid vaccines are made to garner an immune response(non-sterilizing would be great but not the goal at the time). But I guess you can do regular serology tests, you know, having a medical background, to see where your titers are at. If you are 6-8 months post initial mild infection and with Delta in B.C. better start looking for the nearest COIVD party.

I'm very educated on what's going on - actually, read the studies, you should try. Should make sense to someone with a medical background. I'm not spreading disinformation, mostly commenting on disinformation. Stepping in to call out the bull and point out the conspiracy circle jerks. You should try to put that medical background to use. Tap into knowledge outside of your conspiracy bubble.

Really @drutter a downvote... now who's 12.