Google is EVIL for Censoring Vaccine Information!

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I've been putting out a lot of content on the Covid-19 "vaccines" being rushed into the populace. My videos end up on up to 7 different platforms. Yesterday, my latest video was deleted by YouTube, and I was given a warning strike:

The original video remains up on my other platforms, linked here.

There is no "medical disinfo" in that entire video! I got the information directly from BBC. They are indeed putting the Covid-19 vaccine into wireless smart microchips, which are worn like a patch against the skin, injecting the serum through tiny needles and monitoring your body's response.

It SOUNDS so paranoid that YouTube's censors marked it as "medical disinformation"! But it's 100% accurate, and I even mentioned in the video the source is the BBC, and linked to the article! I've appealed, but that usually doesn't result in anything positive, so I won't hold my breath.

I have been shadowbanned on YouTube since about 2011, and heavily censored and deleted for the past 2 years. At least 100 of my videos have been deleted, usually because somebody didn't like the information or opinion I provided, not because I broke any rules. I'm also life-banned on FaceBook - for defending free speech, of all things. But YouTube is the biggest offender.

I just uploaded a replacement video to YouTube, containing all the information in the original (deleted) video, plus a discussion about censorship, and encouraged my viewers to join me on alternative platforms like Hive/Steem, LBRY/Odysee, 3Speak, Flote, etc.

Shame on Google/YouTube and all the mainstream "big tech" sites, which are all owned by - or kneeling to - the technocrat maniacs attempting to enslave humanity. People have the right to share information and opinions on the vaccine without governments or corporations fact-checking and censoring everything. If their version of things is true, it will stand up to criticism and scrutiny. Why do they fearfully hide any opinion that doesn't match the official narrative, if it's legitimate?

See you in the decentralized and independent corners of the internet,


This video was deleted within 2 hours of upload, and I am now banned from YouTube for 7 days.

Nice infographic. So youtube blew the whistle on you for blowing the whistle, yikes!

LOL it looks like they gave him an infraction for being a whistleblower!

They think it violates their community guidelines lol they aren't even sure what they are doing.

LOL yeap....
And within a couple hours of uploading the video explaining where the original one went, it was deleted, and now I'm banned for a week. Same reason given, vaccine disinfo. I'd love to hear them justify that! What did I say that was incorrect? Nothing, they're just pissed I'm right and all they can do is delete/ban me.

So much for the old motto "Don't Be Evil"!
I have rehived the original post.

Bizarre! Weird that they used to say that at all and creepy/funny that they changed it because they did become evil. WTF...

I mean, you have 2 sensitive keywords, no? 😜
Are you THAT surprised?

What were the rules that broke on youtube?