They're Putting Vaccines in the Microchips!

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I wish it was only a joke, but this is really happening, and people need to be made aware.

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(deleted for "vaccine disinfo", update video also deleted, more info here)

BBC announcement

My informative video with links to more info and sources

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After being up only 24 hours, this was deleted by YouTube, and my account given a warning strike. Reason: "Medical disinformation".

Doesn't matter if the microchips are going into the vaccines or the vaccines or going into the microchips, it's all going into us! Wake up slavetards!

No experimental jab for me! I'll take my chances with the brain-crayon.

I think the chip is the main goal. The "vaccine" is just an excuse to get the chip in/on us.

Is there any vaccine for Covid-19 ?

I guess to answer that question, we need to know what is meant by "vaccine" and what is meant by "Covid-19".

But as for the product known as the Pfizer jab (or Moderna), it's not a real vaccine because it doesn't grant immunity or stop transmission to others. It's a messy question and I think that has been done purposely (to muddy the waters).

You can't fit vaccines in microchips, and even if you could, the vaccine would quickly expire if you can't keep them cold, which would be almost impossible on a chip, whether it's on skin or under it.

So, scifi conspiracy theory debunked.