How To Find Happiness In a Crazy World

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How To Find Happiness In a Crazy World

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❤️ Jeff . I notice the hearts ticking up. You are an inspiration in these troubled times.

Hey Jeff, must be nice to have detached and peaceful mindset that allows you to manifest the world you desire. Some of us were taught shitty habits that we aren’t even aware of yet, let alone addressing. Just give us the conspiracy stuff so we can feel superior to our friends and family.
TCV subscriber of 6 months here and I’m barely 5X. I’m sure this is all part of an elaborate scheme to get me to accumulate wealth for some nefarious plot. Don’t even try it mister! #notmyreality

you should have dressed Lucy up as a Taco I bet there is no law against tacos on the ya work amigo

love this platform !

I've often said that to myself when looking at nature. For example: "That rock right there, it doesn't give a shit about bills, or relationships, or finding the best price on some oranges or the terrorist boogeymen we need to be worried about this month. That rock right there will still be here, chillin', even after this reset." My wife looks at me weird when I talk to rocks though. Anyway, there have been many resets too. The past year I have been watching Martin Liedtke (FEB) photo montages on YT. When you see all the pyramids on this earth, the little smurf-sized flintstone houses everywhere, the petrified giant snakes, the atmospheric energy onion domes, the winged cherubs and phoenician statues that look like they are actually petrified people, tartarian architecture... so many rabbit holes.. My point is that you realize at some point that all the stress that you induce into your life can be let go of, but you just have to free your mind first. Love your vids Jeff, hopefully more people will work on themselves and spread that love. Thank you :)

Hey Dollar Vigilante fam! My husband and I so badly want to get into crypto. We bought a Purism computer per Jeff's advice, but don't know enough about it to use it. Today, my husband can't access our Bitcoin, because he didn't code something right. Should we get a different computer? Any classes he should take to learn Linux? Anybody willing to consult? Thanks for your help! My email is [email protected]

Hey Jeff, I've recently tuned in to your 'walk & talks' with Lucy. Dude, your doing something great. Taking the time to share your inspirational thoughts on this crazy world situation, from the prospective of 'what is right and what is wrong'.
I totally dig your NPC theory. All of us should instinctively recognise when something is wrong. I believe it's in our nature to help one another. Although I realise the sophistication and insidious conditioning out there can be the only explanation as to why the majority (certainly in my local area) can't see it. Morpheus did say "most of these people are not ready to be unplugged (awaken to to truth). And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it." - seems fitting in this case.
Thanks for your tip with 'ARRR' got in at 60c, you did say it would go to 5 bucks Jeff, so (at time or writing) it's 7 bucks - good call mate.
As said, great work Jeff. You might not realise but your really helping people and as such changing the world!

Thanks for your wisdom and thoughts about life Jeff ❤️

I don't blame them. They obviously don't want dogs pooping and peeing on the beach.

Anyway, thank you Jeff for another inspirational video : ) ... I did listen to the entire Essene Gospel of Peace like I said I would. That was life changing stuff, thank you again for recommending it!

Great Video Jeff, looks absolutely beautiful there!

The Power Of Know, A great book!

The Power of Now, I do not seem to be able to type....hahaha!

Great topic Jeff...happiness comes from within...the unlimited abundance of the universe is real :D

Hey Hope all is well
Vaccine infect the non vaccinated,
From What i know about cells and all there GMO Shit is the following, Thhey way the create a GMO example papaya. The Take the original seed. Them insted of a breed, It gos under a shock that will open space in the cell. that fills in with The GMO created by who ever. Thus a splic. So , The gmo that was injected may cause a very negative effect. like instant death. Obvious were talking about a stale seed.
I do also know that the all GMO Foods share the BT toxin. With is Monasantos Trade Mark. From agent orange to ready round up. witch is 2 in the same.
So, To conclude. This we see a papaya survive and harvest, The only problem is. It now breads its own toxin (poison). By eating it, its pollen. (Spors for human). There were reports all over the internet about the Farmers getting sick just being around the papaya farms. They were breathing in the toxins that the plants were perduceing. Not sure if that would be considered pollen/ Or the photosynthesis. I tryed getting some links about the papaya farmers, cant seem to find any that dont favor GMO. Wonder why....
So , the mRna Vaccine is and will splice your DNA, This is not a natural Breed. With the tiny fraction of a second of a Shock. Then the Injection. RNA Is what takes the DNA from an exaple, Banana. It has 80% human DNA. when your acids burn that shit up . The Ribonucleic acid will take that Banana`s DNA to fix your own. Thus comes the saying! "Food is the beast medicine" Guess what! it really is the only MED! you Need! Given that RNA constructs the DNA.
So, now to conclude that if?. That sick son of a bitch Kill Gates can Splice a human! and make it create toxin or some other shit! That will most likely be a very similer genetic code , that when unvaxed come in to contact with it. Well no more dreams of kids....
So the Nano tech is to bypass the immune system, because what ever shit it is most likely would be killed from are auto immune system. So i really think that it would be by Sex, nails scratch the moist of there skin touch is very real. But it obviously wont make you produce it. So i would say, Get sick, maybe infertile. But chance are recoverable. If you have sex! Them yes! totally will be contaminated / manipulated. It would work the same was as aids.
So, In GEN stay the fuck away from the covaids cult! There sick people.


Blake said it best:
'He who binds himself a joy, does the winged life destroy,
but he who kisses the joy as it flies, live in eternity's sunrise"
Meditate upon this Jeff, the core of sorrow is our attachment to hold onto temporal things and by superimposing the illusion that we build for ourselves that binds us by vice.

Love you Jeff. And Lucy too. You are still keeping me sane. Thank you for sharing your optimism and your laser vision of what's actually going on. ARRRRRRRRRRRR

Jeff bring it to light. PANDA

PANDA’s co-founder, Nick Hudson, was the keynote speaker at the March 2021 inaugural BizNews Investment Conference in South Africa. The presentation, "Time To Reopen Society" begins with the early days of the pandemic recalling the confusion, the conflicting information, the ever-changing recommendations. By following the data and official communications from global organisations, PANDA unravels what transpired that led us into deleterious lockdowns, which continue to have enormous negative impacts across the world. This presentation negates the fear and gives clear reasons why ‘the only thing we have to fear is fear itself’ in the story of the COVID-19 pandemic response.

The presentation files can be downloaded from our website at

I remember at certain times in my childhood the most blissful feeling. Being born again and seeing through the eyes of a child is true agape. <3

Hey JEFF, must be nice to have a detached and loving mindset so you can go around manifesting the reality you want. Some of us were taught unhealthy habits that we aren't even aware of yet, let alone addressing. Just give us the conspiracy stuff so we can feel superior to our friends and family. Also please keep it free.

TCV subscriber for 6 months and I'm barely 5X. That's less than 1X per month - total scam. I assume this is all part of a long-game pumping scheme where you help a bunch of people get wealthy, highlight mental blocks that can hold us back, and then something... I don't know what it is yet, but I assume it'll be BAD. Don't even try it with me mister. #notmyreality

oh... new comments are the bottom... hope you enjoy both versions :D

Delightful video.
There's nothing like the spirit of play, which is a side of childhood that invites imagination, creativity and plain old fun.

Love this video Jeff, very thought provoking for myself, i sit around all day watching the market, i think its time i found my happy place now. Thanks again.

Jeff, thank you for keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. You are a shining beacon to humanity! BTW, I believe your friend would have made $600,000.00 on ARRR if he sold at $10.00!!!

Hey Jeff. My husband and I are having a custom made 65' x 36' power electric catamaran made. Maybe we can meet up with you next time you're on a boat! You should consider the company we're using...that way you can get it made exactly how you like.

I appreciate you sharing your spiritual journey. Try listening to something from Neville Goddard.