"CraftInk idle Mode" Season 1 Rewards - Season 2 INKoming - Dev Updates

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The second season of CiM will start soon. Create your team on playcraftink.com. Exclusively at CIBS, you can find out the most important information about the CraftInk Mini Game Alpha Version.

  • Season 1 Rewards: The results of the INK event of the year.
  • Season 2 INKoming: Last chance for new players to play without a fee.
  • Dev Updates: What interests the nerds among you.

Season 1 Rewards

Now we come to the Season Rewards of the first season. In the first season there were 49 players, which were divided into 5 groups. The first 8 players of each group get INK and HIQS depending on their rank. In addition, the first of each group received a booster pack as a reward.

Group 1:

RankUserPointsINK RewardsHIQS Rewards

Group 2:

RankUserPointsINK RewardsHIQS Rewards

Group 3:

RankUserPointsINK RewardsHIQS Rewards

Group 4:

RankUserPointsINK RewardsHIQS Rewards

Group 5:

RankUserPointsINK RewardsHIQS Rewards

Season 2 INKoming

The first season of CiM (CraftInk idle Mode) is over and we from CIBS saw it LIVE. Now the second season is in the starting blocks. CIBS has collected all the relevant information on the second season for you.

  1. Season 2 will start on Monday October 9th 2023. The CraftInk team would like to have future seasons always run from Monday to Sunday and has therefore decided to implement this already from Season 2.
  2. From Season 3, new players will have to pay INK to access the game. But before Season 2 starts, new players still have the opportunity to play without paying a fee. All you have to do is create a team by Sunday October 8th 2023 0:00 UTC.
  3. To create a team, you need character cards and many Fillink cards. You can buy Booster Packs at https://playcraftink.com/. We at CIBS were able to find 2 excellent tutorials from players. A video tutorial by @ravenmus1c and a written tutorial by @libertycrypto27.
  4. From Season 2 onwards, a match day lasts 8 hours. A total of 18 match days will be played. All players are divided into groups of 10 at the beginning of the season, where they compete against each other. On the 19th match day, i.e. 8 hours after the last match day, the rewards will be paid out. The amount of the rewards currently depends on your ranking in your group. According to the CraftInk team, however, ranked leagues will be introduced in one of the next updates.

Dev Updates


  • Raised gameday from 4h to 8h
  • API extended by a lot of API calls (at least 5)
  • players DB for INK accounting (and stuff)


  • Minor error resulting in duplicated matches FIXED
  • CiMb NFT not created although cards were sent FIXED
  • Season not counting up on season end FIXED
  • Card slots for creating team scrolling with page (they should not do that)
  • W/L Difference not sorting right / rather useless


  • Result table - show more battle details (from season 3)
  • Payment system for minigame pass (from season 3)
  • Payment system for creating Team/Blend NFTs
  • INK deposit/withdraw feature
  • Season rewards as INK credit on website account
  • Frontend embellishments (UI/UX)

We hope to welcome you on playcraftink.com and hope for a lot of fun, fomo and competition with you. To never miss an update, follow @craftink, @hiq.redaktion, for the English magazine @hiq.magazine and for the German version @hiq :)

You can also subscribe to us. Simply write


in the comments and visit the CraftInk Homepage to find out more.

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Wohoo! Super awesome, congrats on making everything work succesfully, looking forward to see what lies ahead for this project! Thanks for the rewards! Let's go!!!

A !BEER for the DEV team.

Let me know if you like to add a "detlev" card

Hmm what happened? I entered a team, why am I nowwhere on the leaderboards or am I blind?

We already have a database table for legit players now. For the test season we made snapshots. All players that had a CiMb NFT and/or the badge at snapshot time are in the leaderboard.

Due to a bug we made a season reset and made a new snapshot. And the users that are in this snapshot are also in the leaderboard.

I found in your Hive Engine history that you burned your CiMb NFT:

And 2 days later you created the a new CiMb NFT:

So it is kind of a bad timing. You burnt your NFT. We made a snapshot for the season reset. But good news as mentioned above. We now have a database table for all players and because you have a CiMb NFT you definitely are in for the next season like @smooms mentioned.

Ah ok thanks. I got some ink from the free pack and "strengthend" my team. Thats why. All good. Keep it up.

Your team is playing in the next season.

nice, thanks for the Prizes!, waiting for season 2


Haha 420 in Ink is not bad! Thanks a lot guys!


How much will the fee be?

Probably 5-10 $. !PIZZA

Für jede Season oder wie?
Habe noch nicht gespielt, aber das wäre mir zu viel oder habe ich das jetzt falsch verstanden?

Neinnein. Das wär einmalig. Wie ein Zugangspass.
Wer vor Season 3 ein Team erstellt bekommt den Pass kostenlos.

Achso, ok, danke. Dann muss ich mal schauen. Wieviele Packs braucht man denn für ein Team? Langt 1 Pack?

Habe erst Powerup gemacht und bin nicht so flüssig !LOL

What would happen if giant ducks roam the land?

Credit: reddit
@smooms, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of mein-senf-dazu

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Nein 1 Pack reicht, da man einige Fillink Karten braucht (mindestens 15). Aber es gibt auch noch den Markt.

Yeah yeah ! I'm excited about that the Game started and the rewards are also great !
Can't wait to see the next updates! :) !PIZZA !DHEDGE

looking good!

Congratulations and awesome work! Love seeing this happening!

Thank you for the rewards and the mention of my post and thank you for creating this game that even though it is still in the idle version has potential in my opinion because it is already fun!

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Hey @craftink, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Did you know that <a href='https://dcity.io/cityyou can use BEER at dCity game to buy cards to rule the world.


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