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After my last post about INK, some of my readers actually replied and bought some INK.
I have since decided, that I hold too much of it.
I will give some away, but only into strong hands.


Those who bought, when I wrote my post, should already be able to sell higher than what they bought for. Congratz!

As a small thanks for the trust, I will stake 2000 INK to them (each), anyways;
@basilmarples @karinxxl
Was there anybody else?


Yesterday, the team published their website.

They also launched 2 Dieselpools:

And they activated stakINK.

All 3 options give decent rewards.
I'd recommend to not hold liquid INK, but to either stake, or to jump into the pools.
It's a bit too inflationary for my taste, but it should attract more eyes, because number go up 🙄


For Q2 2023 their minigame is on the roadmap.
For me, that is the major milestone.
From my experience managing login and the backend to any game is so much effort, that they could as well just work on the main game.

I hope it will show their skill and I am excited - They'll have to put the real work in.
Maybe I will finally have someone to talk code 24h then.


Before the minigame releases, their packsale begins...

I really wanted to become a card - which is another reason I bought all those INK.
Turns out, they already planned that, because I hang out in their Discord all the time.


So chances are, you can find a @felixxx card in those packs... 😎

More Giveaway?

Maybe this post could raise your interest in the game and their token: INK.

Tell me good reasons, why I should, and I might stake some INK to your account.
I still plan on giving some ~20k away.


Dude that is way too kind actually, because you I like taking a gamble to see how it plays out!

Gonna take a look into pooling. I havent taken the dive into this a lot as the impermanent loss thing I am not really a genius in it.

So leaving it staked and that feels good. Love the initiative dude and thx again! Because I really appreciate the gesture mucho!

I keep complaining about Hive's whales, who cling onto their stake instead of letting some go to let the overall price develop...

I'll give plenty away.

I keep complaining about Hive's whales, who cling onto their stake

Hive is more or less the mirror of real life. Most rich people do the same in real life. A few very rich people have an incredible amount of money. They want even more. Nothing is enough for them. They always want more. And they take from the poor. And most of the people are poor, struggling. Especially nowadays, seeing the increased price of everything.

Currently we (my brother and me) cannot even afford to buy wood to heat the house. I asked for help from the community in my recent post. I really do not know what to. Life became a literal "I am alive" challenge for us. Even if I do not post into that community. And many other people are in the same shoes. Or even worse. I do not even want to think about it.

I have been following you for quite a while now.

I have tried helping you. I have tried giving you advice. I have given you money. I still read and vote your blog sometimes.

Every man has to lift their own weight at some point.
You need to take resposibility for yourself.

I know. And I am very grateful for everything. I am really trying. Everything I can. Despite being consistently active, I still earn either a cents or a few dollars with my posts/comments. I often transfer literally $0.01 HBD to savings.

I also constantly look for part time jobs. As soon as they see my medical papers with my multiple disabilities, the workplaces are refusing me. And somewhat I understand it.

I guess this (suffering) is God's plan with my life. I try to be prepaded for it. I really cannot do anything more. Literally speaking, I cannot even lift 25 kg. How could I lift my own weight (around 50 kg)?

And my brother is also trying. The government does not help us either. Seeing the prices today, the approximately €200.36 EUR per month pension-like income is not much help. Maybe we will not starve to death, but we can still freeze to death.

Hey... I just noticed: you didn't stake your INK.


@quekery passed you the virtual joint!
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Oh stakINK is a good one !WEED


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