CraftInk Season 1 ended - Don´t miss the next Season!

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Good morning everyone! 😊

How are you doing?

I am good, just tired and looking forward to the weekend. 😄

The first season of CraftInk is over and I made rank #1 in my group! Woop Wopp! 🎉💃


As rewards I got the following prizes:

  • 1 CraftInk Pack
  • 672 INK Tokens
  • 11.19 HIQ Tokens

These are prizes worth more than 28 Hive! This is huge for a season which last a week and is passive, so I don´t even have any work with this.

I opened my pack and this is what I got:


If you still don´t play CraftInk, you miss something for sure and should think about starting. 😉

Right now, the game only has a Mini Game, which is passively played, that means, it does not take alot of time for you to play it and earn rewards. You just need a bunch of cards and you are ready to go! You can buy packs on the CraftInk Website.

The game is in a very early stage, and mostly it is best to enter in an early stage because the rewards are good, So what are you still waiting for? Let´s go! 😃

▶️ Right now, there are lot´s of very cheap cards on the ingame market also! This might help you getting started. ◀️

Any information about the game and updates can also found on the blog:
And in case you need help building your first team, I made a little tutorial here:

I am planing on making more professional tutorials on any updates of the game. So you can always follow and understand what to do with the next implementations.

When you buy your packs, let me know what cards you got! 😊

There will also be lot´s of chances in the future to win some INK tokens or CraftInk packs! For example on the PIZZA Halloween Party, you can win some great CraftInk prizes, so don´t miss it. The announcement for the show will follow soon.
I made some giveaways in my Discord server for October, so you also have a chance to win some INK tokens. 😊 💜

There are also other prizes, some of my own NFTs, especially Halloween ones! October is Halloween month and I can´t wait for the PIZZA Halloween Party, woop woop!

If you need some Halloween music, come check out my Halloween LoFi album and get into the right mood!

Well guys, I wish you a great weekend and see you soon! 😃


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I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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Congrats on making #1! I just bought my first pack yesterday so that I could eventually take part in the minigame too. Unfortunately I didn't get any Fillink cards. But I did check them market and got a few other NFTs. I even saw the one representing you!

You are really making me interested in this game and I love that
I'd start soon

Waw you take 1st place. Looks like I need more INK to add better card 😟 Congratulations on the win 😎

Wow I am really happy for you. Congratulations on making the first position

Nice one in securing rank 1.


$PIZZA slices delivered:
@vaynard86(5/15) tipped @ravenmus1c

Congratulations on the first place ranking.
I finished fifth but this season I hope to do better also because I bought more fillinks and improved my team
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I didn't know about this game, it looks interesting.

Congratulations on making rank 1, i’m so happy for your win. Keep soaring higher 😊