magic rune wizardry 102

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[The Zodiac Seal]

You may use this as your steem avatar if you like.
This was made using 200IQ nextgen ultra something

Due to the nature of art, I cannot be held liable for melting anyone's brain or causing aneurisms from sensory overload. Please view my art at your own discretion.

if you need help figuring out how to change your avatar,
just use my guide [here], and you should be fine after that.

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Sometimes I am lost in wonder trying to figure out how you come about these designes, and when I look at some of your past works, I am further lost. (Edited to from steeming link to steemit link)

This is truly a great representation of the Zodiac seal. I see the twelve clearly in different shapes. I see the Zodiac wheel and the bright spot around the wheel kind of representing the Sun.

Keep up the great work. Thanks.

thank you for the nice comment, but I found "steeming".com suspiciously setup to imitate steemit the same way as many phishing scams. If someone logs in there, they possibly give away their password? I'm not sure exactly, but it seems like a legitimate alternative to steemit would have some kind of purpose or way to differentiate itself, like being setup in a different way. If one is setup to look exactly like steemit the first thing I think is 'deception', so be careful where you put your pasword.

Thanks for this education. I will change my password now and do away with it.

Ok, better safe than sorry I think :) I am overly paranoid when it comes to steem maybe, but there have been many many phishing sites already so it will probably increase over time. I figure if people go out of their way to steal Facebook accounts they would definitely try to steal steem accounts! Best safeguard is to only ever use posting keys, but if the place looks like steemit you might think to use another one in its wallet interface or something, so that is probably the real danger of an imitation site.

I have just changed my password using and I appreciate every word you have spoken.

I figured that when you click on GINAbot notification, it automatically loads instead of

I use GINAbot to keep a tab on my favourite steemians. I will have to look for a way around this cos like you rightly said, it's better safe than sorry.

Really awesome

thank you ^_^

Lol your warming is super mean 😫

Great Art really like it...

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