Morning Flight

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A pair of ducks going for a early morning flight.

Camera ~ LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 18-55 mm

Prompt / Theme: Any ducks living in your neighborhood?

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Thanks for having a look 👍

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For record:


I'm not good at telling ducks apart from other things like geese, but there are things like that at the pond near my house. Further up the road is a bigger body of water, once might call it a large pond or a small lake I suppose. That one has a lot of water fowl of one kind or another. If they are on land and you get too close to them, they make some hissing sound and start walking towards you. So I stay away from them!

Those water fowl sound scary. Reminds me of a drake we had years back at my parents. I retreated on several occasions.

Thanks for your comment. HIVE SBI sent 👌

p.s. Last time you requested the DEC prize. Should I try make note that's your general preference? I'd probably remember sometimes atleast :)

Oh cool, thanks! 😁

I like both. SBI is a good project. I like DEC too, but I have tons of them now. Getting ready to buy some Land in the game!

👌 I'll just follow the comments then. Looking forward to having some land of my own 😎

Nice shot!

In my neighbourhood? No, I have never seen any duck around here. But there are plenty of ducks in a city around 10 kms from here. I guess they need a big lake to enjoy themselves and there are no lakes where I live in. 😊

🦆🦆🦆 A lake or river, and suddenly there are several ducks :)

Exacty. Around here there are only cornfields. I guess they don't like corn that much! 😆

Thanks for your comment. HIVE SBI sent 👌

Thanks for the prize! 🤗

I have seen many ducks when I used to travel. But I haven't been able to go out much during these corona times lately. But I contend myself doing creative stuff... The first thing that came to my mind looking at the beautiful picture and reading the theme was this-



I learnt Origami many years back. I am glad I still know how to make this. And thanks to you I was able to make it again.

Lovely work 🦆😎👍

Thanks for your comment. HIVE SBI sent 👌

thanks! I forgot to mention that I preferred DEC lol. what is HIVE SBI?

Have a read of this:

It is basically a subscription to votes on your blog posts.

Should I (try to remember) assume you're DEC next time? My latest post has another giveaway.