The Night I Went To Bed With The Steembirds And Became A Real Crypto Babe

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And venture belongs to the adventurous. - N. S. Sidhu

Honestly, adventure wasn't something I reckoned with when traveling to this year's Steemfest.

My actual plan was to rather lean back, not step into any spotlight and just blend into the crowd.

So much for that.

My idea didn't persist for too long. It was already thrown overboard at the reception event after running into the @steembirds.

These two Canadian guys are well known for their crazy ideas, but their latest invention really tops everything they've been doing so far.

I honestly started to panic a bit when they looked me into the eyes through their reflective sunglasses and asked me:

Do you want to come in bed with us?

@dan-atstarlite, @surfermarly and @jaybird

I said 'yes'.

The invitation is part of a new series the @steembirds launched recently, spinning off their famous Crypto-Babes song and their general affinity for the ladies on the blockchain.

They invite crypto babes into bed and then record a fun off-the-cuff session of free talking with them.

So far they've published two interviews in their account, and a couple of more are in the making - mine included.

I'm pretty curious to see how it's gonna look like in the end, since we recorded the encounter under tricky circumstances after Steemfest's bowling session at 3am in the morning.

It was weird being asked by other steemians in the bus shuttle towards the conference hotels:

Oh, YOU are the one going in bed with them tonight?

Ehm, yes. Pretty much.


There was no way back, and I also wanted to keep my word.

After arriving at the INX Design Hotel where the boys were staying, the three of us had to recognize that we all weren't that fresh anymore.

@jaybird thought that the entrance glass door of the hotel was a sliding door and put himself right in front waiting for the concierge to open it. It then turned out to be a swinging door which hit him hard against his head.

We all broke into laughter - including the concierge behind his reception desk, who we immediately suspected of having done that on purpose.

Oh c'mon! That's not been the first time you were doing this, right?

He vainly tried to hide it.


It really seemed that everybody was having fun that night.

After arriving at the hotel room I was handed out my personal crypto babe shirt - epic.

It was a perfect fit!

While the boys started to set up the scene, installing the camera and checking the lightning, I took off my shoes and got comfortable with a glass of wine in bed.

Even though I had felt a spark of panickiness running through my veins when we entered the room, now I began to feel as if I was hanging with two buddies I knew ever since.

I even forgot about the fact that everything we were going to talk about was supposed to be submitted to the blockchain one day.

What a trap! You guys made me say things in front of the camera I never imagined to voice in public at any time - haha!

For now I can't reveal any details, since that would take away the whole suspense.

But I can wholeheartedly recommend you to follow the @steembirds and stay tuned for the result.

According to its timestamp the picture on the sofa was taken at 4:06am. That basically means that we spent about two hours in the hotel room - big times!

We will never know what the concierge thought we were doing, when we came down into the lobby two hours later and asked him to take a picture of us...

Some things are even too private to publish them on the Steem blockchain...

The next day at the @steemfest conference obviously I had to proudly present my crypto babe status.

I think it's it's too late to turn back now. Things are going viral and I can finally add crypto babe to my CV on LinkedIn.

Thanks for the shoutout @daveonarrival - big times!

If everything else fails, I can still be a crypto babe and that's pretty neat.

Now stay tuned for the recording steemians - I'm sure we all gonna have a blast watching it!

Probably I'll need to change my identity after its submission, but that's another story.

Thanks for having me @dan-atstarlite and @jaybird, for the laughter and the great company, for making my Steemfest become unforgettable in any sense and for being such amazing human beings. Love you lots!!! 😘

Marly -
Steem Ambassador & Crypto Babe
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Oh man I am SO excited for your interview!! If it makes you feel better - ours was also filmed sometime in the middle of the night and I think I said some questionable things too. 🙈

Haha, there should be a disclaimer in the intro: “People were filmed in the middle of the night, don’t take them seriously.” :-D

Hahah I fully agree with that idea!

Lol, I'm actually about to head over to Dan's to start going through footage. That was a super fun night and an absolute pleasure to end up in bed with the ultra crypto-babe: surfermarly, just hanging out, talking and laughing.

Btw, I learned my lesson that night with the door, it didn't happen for the rest of the trip & the last 2 days the door was actually broken...some1 else must have also done the same thing, but harder ;)

In summary, we ended up doing 4 interviews at the INX during Steemfest. The 2 main concierge were joking with us while we were checking out..
They basically saw us taking photos with a different crypto-babe between the hours of 1-4am every night.

We'll be in touch soon re: the interview!

Hahaha, well done on feeding the imagination of those concierge! :-D
4 crypto-babes in 4 days is a respectable quota one may be quite jealous of.

You surely had fun checking the footage! Can't wait to see the edited version, I'm prepared for the laughter of my life :-))

Talk to you soon!! Kisses for both :-*

Can’t wait to see the video. Certainly an interesting format!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Me neither!! Indeed it’s quite innovative :-)

Excited to see how yours turns out @surfermarly! They're definitely tricky little birds. Very mischievous and lull you into a sense of false security with a glass of wine or two ;P Haha

Ahahaha nicely put! Looks like there’s a pattern in their tactics :-D Btw I still need to watch your session. I didn’t do it before just to be not biased in my own one, hehe
Oh and nice to meet you! Crypto babes need to stick together ;-)

Hahaha yes. They've got a pretty good strategy...except for the fact that they're creating a band of crypto-babes that outnumber them. ;D We most definitely need to stick together! Pleasure meeting you as well!

Do you want to come in bed with us?
Sure, we are in Poland, why not? Nobody will find out.

Haha, well actually it's different here:

What happens at Steemfest, stays on the blockchain.

That's far worse :-D

You've always been a crypto babe to us @surfermarly, they only just made it official haha.

Hahaha, sweet :-)) Probably ive always wanted to be a crypto babe but only needed to wait for my chance to officially live it up, hehe

Can’t wait to see this! :)

The more days are passing the more insecure i get, haha!
But still can't wait to see it either :-)

Funny and well told! I look forward to seeing the show!

Thank you @whatsup!! Hearing it from you means a lot 😍 I’m looking forward to it as well, even though I’m a bit scared as well, haha

You are brave!


Bye the way, Here is your long lost brother @grossefreiheittv :D

Posted using Partiko Android

long post brother, hahaha
it's good to have family all around the world...:-)

Ah sry - was ment for @dan-atstarlite

Posted using Partiko Android

ha! that is so awesome, good for you marly, great sport! :)

Hopefully I still feel the same after its submission to the chain, hahaha

Im curious about the bed interview :D

Me, too! They told me that it wouldn'be be a classic editing, meaning that questions and answers won't be put together as they were originally voiced :-D

Sounds like it is there way of saying we will be editing to provide more comedy and confusion. Well done #cryptobabe for taking them on. Hopefully I wont miss the vid, I'm sure you'll resteem or I'll get word due to the contents :D :D

Oh I'm pretty sure there will be lots of unexpected and fun moments in it. Of course I'll spread the word when it's out, now it's too late to stop the train anyways :-D

Ohhh! This changes everything! Probably going to be a lot of fun :)

Defininitely! I'll be booking a flight somewhere where they don't have internet connections before its launch - just in case :-D

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Nice to have a little chat with you in person and the strangest thing that I found out that I did not follow you anymore 😁👻🙈 nonidea why not ?

Indeed nice chat at the coffee corner (that Japanese coffee saved my life btw)!! Following you, too :-)

I didn’t even leave that corner for a while either :) my tummy is still exploding from all that polish food 🙈

So awesome!

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Sounds like an absolute blast!

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It was really nice meeting you in person! I wish we had more time! See you soon hopefully!

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Hahahaha congratz on being a crypto babe. I love that song.