These are the kinds of idiots that creative types, and those who want their crypto to have value, need to understand

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Before I get to the meat of the matter, that being the specific douchbaggery of @pfunk ...and how to properly view these morons...and why they are costing you money.

I'm gonna first say this as simply and clearly as I can... Imagine the worth of this site and the crypto attached to it, if it had a user base even one tenth the size of Facebook. And how would that happen? How id it happen for FB? By getting a lot of creative types with sizeable followers onboard, happy with the user experience and posting creative content often.

If you are into crypto you may have noticed that LBRY took a big jump during the lockdowns...due in large part because creatives started using it instead of Youtube and their followers came with and thus people started learning about it. It's not rocket science. Lot's of users = good.

Now, try to imagine what your crypto would be worth if all the creatives slowly stopped using this place to post creative content...went somewhere else. Took their content and followers with them, and there was nothing left here but crypto talk. How many users do you think this place would have left in a month? and what would the value of that crypto be worth when people see users leaving here left and right?

Easy enough to understand, yes? Apparently not. I and many other creative content providers have spoken about how creative content here is by and large treated like a bastard child. Like we are allowed and tolerated to post here, perhaps only as valuable as our ability to test the interface, but nothing more than that.

Anyone who wanted the site to grow, who had a brain, would be sharing creative content from here, and sharing it on other platforms.

If you need it spelled out anymore that that, here-

NOW THEN...AS AN ABJECT LESSON...AS A PERFECT EXAMPLE...of the thick skulled mentality that creatives here, have in their way, please look through these recent interactions with two such goofballs. I am posting all this BECAUSE, I'm not sure regular people understand out meaning when we say we are disrespected here. You can get your head around us being annoyed out posts are not shared cross platforms and such. But there is an entire mentality on here that is at the root of it all. I'm not sure I can put a words to it...pettiness, lack of ability to see the big picture, myopic-ness? It's best I just give you the examples.

In their first comments, and all the way through the exchange, their ignorance and disrespect shrieks out loud and clear. And it is not just the creatives who should pay to should anyone bright enough to realize the actual value to the site creatives bring.

FIRST, let me explain something to you non-creatives, each blog one of our posts have a certain amount of though, effort, and time put into it. A blog, a painting, a video, a story...these things take effort. Someone just coming along with a reply that not only has zero to do with the post we put effort into, but makes it clear they have not bothered to read it, is a giant insult.

...these two clowns posted their little pleas/links below blogs that the obviously had zero interest in. Why? Because they are what you call "half smart". They are smart enough to realize that the posts I make get traction, have a following larger than they could gather on their own. They see that people actually bother to follow my work and what I have to say. And a light bulb goes on over their head. They have something they want people to see, they see a blog getting a lot of eyes on it, so they post their link in the someone sticking a bumper-sticker for their store onto you car without asking.

The half smart part comes in where they are not bright enough to extrapolate the value of that ability to get eyeballs on something, to the whole platform.

Let's start with this jackass--


(important to know here at the beginning that I post on Steemit and Hive in duplicate, and why would I not? As a creative I am looking to get eyes on my work at any opportunity)

He "responded" ( if you can call pasting a link into the comments section "responding") to a lengthy, funny, and thought out blog on steemit, with nothing more than a link to his blog about some witness drama he is embroiled in. He's never posted on my work before as far as I know, has NEVER reposted ANY creative types work on either platform. And up he jumps, upon seeing how much traction I get on blogs and pukes up a link to try help his own cause, MAKING NO MENTION AT ALL OF THE BLOG IN WHICH HE IS RESPONDING TO.



Think I was too hard on him? I don't. He then comes to the same blog on my Hive page, with a threat


Let's all absorb that last part...


I gave him the response he deserved...


By all means, down-vote everything I've done and everything I do... in perpetuity! LOLOLOL.

Please @Pfunk demonstrate to the entire blockchain that which most of us already know. That in the end it is not centralization that is the problem, is it petty human beings who seek to punish those who say things they do not like. I didn't go to this assholes page and start busting his chops, he came to mine, uninvited...and he came with zero interest in anything I do other than that I could spread the word about HIS blog.

yes @pfunk HURT ME by downvoting the 10-15 odd HVD a post...Hahaha! That's not the value of this place to me, you insect. The value is the new eyes I was able to get on my work, and the word of mouth they spread.

This guy thinks I give a fuck about a downvote?



He thinks that, because that's what matters to him., the power of his blockchain-vote. That is his motivation here, his motivation on steemit, his motivation for coming here from there...he wants to feel like a big fish, so he's happy with the pond being small, if it got bigger...bigger fish would come in, and he'd matter even less than he already does. That is HIS motivation and the motivation of all the small minded jerkoffs who have held these sites back, whether they realize it or not.

All you crypto investors, you think people like this want the site to get flooded with new users? New investors? new whales? of course not. So these clowns are actually a much larger problem for you, than for us. We can go anywhere. I wont lose my ass if everyone stops using this place.

on a side note..there is a second value to this site for me. A big one, even though it might seem trivial. When I type onto my actual website or wordpress page and have some sort of computer failure, if I didn't hit "save" that work is lost. BUT if I type it into this platform, it's instantly saved after each character I type. That has saved me A HUGE AMOUNT OF TIME that would have been wasted re writing something. So...I type it here first, copy and past it to my website to then send out as part of a mass email. My mass email list is around 10,000 people long including many creative types, publishers, stores, ect ( and a lot of people from steemit and hive).

I could probably use that list to raise some hell about this place, but why the hell would I do that? The people on my email list are already MY fans that I EARNED THE FANSHIP OF WITH MY HARD WORK. I should bring them here to help the blockchain why...when there is all of this sh*t--

Where creative content providers are second class citizens, waiting for recognition behind an endless line of crypto talk?

Yeah...not at this time, maybe never. For that matter, there's all sorts people subscribed to my mass email, like people who write for vice and rolling stone, I could send them legit screen caps of things here that'd make Hive look like a den of nazi's and racists, and they love racking things like that over the coals. pfunk wouldn't be able to powerdown fast enough before hive was worth about 0.003.

These are things these dopes don't understand about the reach creative types have. Their followers come from all walks of life. A musician, for example, his followers/fans aren't just other musicians. They are doctors, lawyers, plumbers, astronauts, who knows? Somewhere out their is a multi million dollar real estate investor who owns a 15.00 t-shirt of some local blues band. So, it seems to me that a enterprise like this site would want to keep creative types as happy and talking about this place as much as possible.

This second person is more of the same, but reveals even more about the mentality of what is holding back this site and the crypto attached to it... I'm not going to cut and paste the whole thread, it's here if you're bored--

But if you are a creative type, or maybe even if you aren't, by this point you understand what the issue is.
Actually, I will cut out this little nugget as a high point ( or low point)-

A quick recap, this one posted some bullshit about badges and offered crypto in exchange for a witness vote in what was clearly a cut and past one size fits all scam...I mean "message". I laid into her about not bothering to comment on the blog, the work in it, or the quality of it. here was the response...


I dare say none of us would have thought that our content and the quality of it was somehow separate from the "account" and it's "achievements". See, fools that we all are, we thought the content and it's quality is what caused whatever achievement we have accomplished here, be it crypto, followers, or longevity. They are separate in her mind, and no doubt in the mind of the first guy and in the minds of most of these dipshits.

At her request I looked at the "hivebuzz" page. It was following ONE person and I saw not one single solitary thing there that is going to bring in new people from outside of Hive. Just a lot of blockchain ramblings.

Perfect examples of the disconnect and lack of understanding of what makes something grow. Perfect examples of the constant disrespect the creative community here gets. Perfect examples of the mentality that has held back this blockchain since I came here.

BUT...this instant save thing is still pretty sweet. So, whatever these morons do to this site I'll keep using that, even if I never actually post anything. Plus there is a bunch of you on here I genuinely like.

In case I just up and leave... you can always find me at these places!

I can't stress enough that the best way to make sure you get to keep seeing my raw. pure, uncut works and opinions is to sign up for the Arsenic Lullaby email updates, you sign up for these and you get everything I post here on steemit and more...much more





Sometimes emotions can cause things to escalate and become more serious than the initial altercation. Calmly letting people know why the behavior is unacceptable should be an effective way of letting others best determine who is in the right.

I do agree with your point of view.

Creatives built the Pyramids, Rome, the Cathedrals, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and they will escalate the value and popularity of Hive. The stakeholders merely finance these things and some take all the credit, as petty kings often do.

This blockchain is still very much like the wild west. Disputes can often turn ugly when threats are made. The side with more guns will likely win. Not sure I know the best solution when dealing with opponents who threaten dangerous actions. I usually figure if they cannot be reasoned with, it is better to steer clear of them and warn allies to beware as well. Once in a while, doing so has allowed me to run into stronger allies willing to offer free protection to guard our similar values.

For an innocent comment on a post of someone I thought I followed (turns out it was a resteem), this self-important nut blew up at me and told me the lying thief who is enabling the theft of my tokens is somehow the smart guy and he was taking his chances with him. He also expressed an enthusiastic willful ignorance for the platforms he is posting on. I was surprised, after seeing that comment, to see he posts on Hive too. If taking his chances with Sun is really what he wants then he can stay on the sinking ship.

We'll take our chances with Sun, at least there is some possibility he has enough of a brain to understand that WE are the foundation that can be used to bring more people into this platform.

Seems that you thought Sun was a crook right from the start. Make note that if you had powered down as soon as Sun took over you'd be cashed out or close to it and wouldn't have to worry about what Sun does.

Those who pay attention know he's a crook.

That's all very wise and well said.

To that last part, I tend to meet bullies head on. If nothing else, this for all intents and purposes, this is a mass communicated warning to any allies.

Two good members of Hive had different ideas of what was important and the interaction went poorly. You both would be well served to understand better where the other one is coming from, because you're both posting with passion and care. Find common cause, don't root around for conflict.

That's a leveled headed opinion, but perhaps overly generous. He came onto my page, insulted me ( as I explained) then threatened me with monetary harm....and then followed through on that threat.

That's a bad actor, imagine if he had done this to someone the crypo reward is their purpose for continuing to contribute, or even worse if he had done that to someone knew to the site.

and by the way, his downvote erased the contribution of yours and many others to the posts I made that those of you voted on.

I've said my piece, it up to the community to decide if they are cool with this behavior.

You nailed it plain. Excellent writings indeed!

Thanks, it was just a lot of stuff that needs to be pointed out.

I like your big picture thinking.

I do what I can in that regard, haha.

If you don't care about rewards, as you say, why did you post this? Just ignore me and don't worry about the rewards.

This is the second blog you've commented on that you obviously didn't read, or if you did read it, you missed the point.

I'm not reading multiple pages of someone bitching about me.

so is that basically what you do here then, bumble around and comment on things you didn't even read? weird.