Skyminer update! Running three months now.

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Hi All!

A short update about my Skyminer!

skyy (Custom).png

My 2 node Skyminer is now running 3 months straight without any problems.
Most of my Pi's sometimes running full on ram or need the wallet to close and re-open.
The Skyminer with a Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi Model A running like a charm!
So like the first 2 months i got a nice high up time and got my rewards yesterday.
This is an overview from my payments:

RewardsSkycoin ($1.41*)Dollar

*Price 7 April 2019 / last time in March $1.13

This is still their test net, i keep this 2 node running till the full announcement off their main-net.
I hope i can build a bigger Skyminer for main-net and if the rewards be like the test-net now it is just awesome!

What do you think about the Skyminer concept? Do you own one? No?! Why not :)?
See you next time!


I like the idea, but don't you have to have some coin to stake? I live in Canada and it is not easy to convert fiat to coin.

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That is the thing i like the most you don't need a bag Coins. I started with zero Skycoin.

You should meet crypto folks in the real world. Then you can p2p.

I thought you earn coin hours instead skycoin .Im i wrong ?

We're still in the incentivization+distribution stage, so everyone running a white-listed Skywire node will keep on receiving Skycoin as a reward for an undetermined period of time. This is on top of any coin hours earned by forwarding traffic over your nodes.

If you keep your SKY in your wallet, you are awarded coin hours (CH). If you are running a node on the Skywire network, you get rewarded in SKY.

That's right. I am not complete out of the coin hours. You get rewards in Skycoin for that?

I don't think I understand your question.

What do you have as user with coin hours? You rewards or what is the deal?

Ah, I see. I don't think it's fully been divulged quite yet all the products and services one will be able to purchase with Coin Hours (CH), but from what I understand, you'll be able to purchase bandwidth, apps, processing power, etc.