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Crypto News - Cryptocurrency News Aggregator

Being an avid cryptocurrency investor, it's very important for me to keep up with all the latest trends in the crypto world. Having news from multiple sources at my disposal is adamant to my success, which is why I'm always on the lookout for finding the best crypto news aggregators.

Lately I've been extremely pleased with Crypto News, mostly because their user interface is a lot less obtrusive compared to the ones of their competitors and because it includes quite a lot of news sources by default. They employ a really decent categorization system that doesn't require any fine-tuning, at least in my opinion. I'm able to sort by whatever news I want with just one click and I've noticed that their search functionality works instantly and near-perfect.

Crypto News IOS & Android Apps

One of the prerequisites I have for using a crypto news aggregator, is that they must also have a decent mobile app. I personally use Android and aggregator apps are a dime a dozen on that platform. It can be somewhat hard to find a mobile crypto news app that you enjoy using, while also having a decent web interface at the same time.

crypto news android app.png
Crypto News on Android

After using the Crypto News Android app for a couple of weeks, I can safely say that it completely fits my personal needs. I reckon a lot of people would agree with me on that, since it has an excellent rating of 4.8 out of 5 on the Google Play Store. I especially like the fact that you can set up your default home screen, so you have easy access to the exact information you want to see when you open the app.

The Crypto News IOS app sports similar ratings as the Android app. I sadly do not have access to an IOS device, but given Apple's strict App Store entry guidelines, you can rest assured that the app is of high quality there as well!

Download Crypto News on Android

Download Crypto News on IOS

Crypto News Website - Featuring Steem News


I know I've reviewed a fair number of crypto news aggregators on this blog, each of them have their own set of advantages. Personally, I prefer the service Crypto News offers because of its simplicity and no-nonsense approach. For daily use, you don't really need a bloated aggregator with tons of functionality that you will probably never use.

Crypto News still has just about everything you need, without bombarding you with unnecessary information or services. For example, it is possible to view information of different cryptocurrencies (such as market cap etc.), but it is presented in a way that it does not interfere with its main use as a news aggregator.

Also interesting to note, is that they do offer a Pro Version of their Android and IOS apps, which gives you some extra functionality plus removal of ads. The Pro Version will set you back less than €4.00 per month, but I've found that the free version would definitely be enough for most people.

Visit the Crypto News Aggregator website


Pretty cool. I used to rely on Reddit to aggregate most of my crypto news, but a lot of that is just garbage that people are posting . It takes a long time to sift through the stuff that is actually relevant. Plus with the long term bear market we have been seeing, the amount of news has dwindled significantly. I will have to check this one out for sure!

Yeah I switched a couple of times actually. Either Reddit or other aggregator apps, this one currently suits me the best. It definitely has the least 'bloat'.

Sounds certainly worth a go!

I need a news-source which has only 4-5, but really important posts a day, and not 200. And I always know what is happening in crypto-space.

This looks real interesting. I've always been a big proponent of DYOR when it comes to investing into a project, but it always helps to have well researched, and well written, sources as a sounding board.

The last project that I really hit gold with is Chainlink. I researched the whitepaper and was very impressed. Decided to invest in LINK and I'm very happy with that decision now!

Cheers for the info on crypto news Daan. I'm gonna download it and give it a go :)

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