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When I was a kid, my older brother once gave me some advice, which over the years has quite unexpectedly, and beyond all logic, proven true more often than not.

The advice?

Well, first some background.

Picture two kids, early teens, waiting for a bus at a (very) suburban bus stop.

Waiting. Waiting.

And you know kids: "Are we there yet?" "Oh c'mon already!!"

Patience is not their strong suit.

It wasn't mine at the time, which is obviously the reason my brother gave me the advice.

Or is it a truism? Yes, probably that.

The advice

"Pretend to give up and walk away from the bus stop."

So we did.

And it worked. There was the bus.

And it keeps working.

So what does this have to do with crypto?

With crypto, the stakes are much higher. And the bus is even less reliable than the bus timetable we were working with as kids.

But here's the real kicker: when the moment comes, just when you finally reach your limit and feel like cashing in, that's when you can be sure the bus is on its way. So make sure you're pretending - or at least hedging!

(Not financial advice!)


Thanks always to the brilliant and awesome @ryivhnn for my footer! (By way of a meaningful thank you, 5% of my earnings from all my posts into the future is being directed to you ryivhnn!)

May all beings be happy!


I don’t know why that works but it does 😆

I have a similar thing where when I can’t fix or do something, I have to whine to someone (I usually talk to myself but for this specific situation it doesn’t seem to work), and then like magic I’ll figure it out.

Aww you don’t have to do that, I’m just glad you love your wombats 😆

😊 I do love my wombats!

I have another trick when I'm trying to figure something out - especially when I was writing my thesis, I would contemplate it before going to sleep and, viola, when I woke up the answer was just sitting there, on the tip of my brain (so to speak 😁)

Yay! 🤗
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