Yo yo! You check out bitbean at all? Looking decent to me.

No kratom yet? I talk to homeboy on hangouts so lmk if you need some help. Stuff is helping me alot plus im on day 4 no booze and im feeling alot better, pretty cool. :)

That’s awesome to hear... haven’t contacted dude yet. Haven’t looked at Bitbean... been buying up EOS. Looks like all alts are about to go on a monster run!

Monster roar! Give me some ah dat eos crack nika lol!

Bitbean pays you 1000 coins every so often just for running wallet.

Eos to the moon! And im not in the spaceship :(

I will check it out. Smartcash pays monthly for holding more than 1000 coins in a wallet. They have great tech and support. I have been wanting to take some time to look into more alts but just have been busy.

Smartcash and eos are on my list, i only have so much money lol. Im tied in few alts

OMG and IOTA daily charts are monsters also

Sorry haven’t been on here much... been in the EOS chats mainly