I travel the world #602: Steemit Event in Tokyo, Japan

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Steemit, Alis and Primas

I was invited to Tokyo to join a event which was about @steemit, the Japanese copycat Alis and Primas from China. Each project were introduced by their founders (expect for @steemit @moromaro did great presentation).
The audience was allowed to ask many questions and I felt more comfortable to learn that ALIS the copycat has archived nothing so far. I saw it at a big competitor for steemit, but for now thats not the case











Tomohiro Tagami of techtec organized the whole event with the Japanese Steemit team and there was a quite big audience given it was a Friday evening.
While Alis was a dissapointment for me, given that they had raised 4.500.000 USD in their ICO, I hoped they would have a little bit more to show ( no wallet etc.) I found Primas interesting in a sense that they are a protocol too restore health of the internet content. Gary Lu the Co-Founder and CTO explained what they are trying to reach and I think its a great idea.

Ever heard of Primas ???

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Que bien, hubo gran receptividad en el steemit japones, gracias por compartir un gran abrazo y saludos para ti amigo @knozaki2015

Hola Perlana, fue un evento muy interesante por el contenido que presentaron a los publicos japones.
Un abrazo y gracias por tu comment!

wao that was so excited and you learned so much thing from there, i wish could attend this great event : )

Im pretty sure that you would have liked it, it was indeed super interesting!

my bad luck : (

Hola amigo como estas? como siempre compartiendo buenas fotos y buena información, saludos!

Hola Jenni estoy muy feliz de que te parezca muy interesante mi content, eres la mejor :)

I wonder how they got to $ 4.500.000$ when they did not have anything to offer. Oo

Never heard of primas before.

In many possible ways but the good news are that steemit will still be king :)

Sir please up vote my post i have send you SBD thank You sO much

ありがとうございます!@knozaki2015 さんに来て頂き光栄です!これからも色々なところでsteemitの普及活動していきます!