How to invest [ Transfer 200 dollars To at least 10k $ ]

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You must have heard that investing in digital currencies is profitable and this market has brought many investors small one and Whales. Everyone was risking his money and continuing as much as possible, but there are some investors who do not think and invest what they can not lose. This may bring bad reputation to crypto. Today i will give you a unique investment way of its kind.
For small-cap owners from $ 10 to $ 200
If you think that when you buy BNB, LISK, STRAT or ETC, you will win a lot you are dreaming.
Assume that your capital is $ 200

  1. Assume that you bought BNB at 10 = 200 / 10 and buy 20 of the currency
    And the price of one coin has changed to $ 100 dollars, then your profit will become only $ 2000 - 200 = 1800 dollars, you net profit is 1800$

2 - Suppose you bought the LISK currency for $ 13.96= 200 / 13.96, you will get 14.32 currencies, and assume that the price becomes 100, your balance becomes only $ 1432

The remains. ETC and STRAT apply the same example.

Now you have a capital of $ 200

1- You bought a coin with 20 or 30 sattos. you bought $ 200 of them

You will have more than 100,000 coins and assume that the coin have reached 1000 Satoshi, then you will have $ 10,000 Net profit

Searchand do not invest in one currency
The best example of the currency is PURA was the last year on March 1, Satoshi
And rose to 24 thousand Satoshi and now is 4500 Satoshi

And from all this I want to convey an idea to you
If you have a small capital don't invest in high-priced currencies because It will not make you rich even if it reached $ 500

Note :
Who invested in the currency of PURA coin in March 2017 200 dollars now at least with him 500 thousand dollars

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I am a real newb in the subject related to crypro.
But you explained it very well that even I can get the gist of it. I till need a long way to go though.. XD

Good Post, Thank you!

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Wow greate article!
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True @sou1iane, I think too many people are foolishly investing and take bad advice the last few months.

Yeah, this is true @mr-bike people are following the news.
buying and selling with the news is a worst of time and money

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