Secure your Hardware Wallet - best practice

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Here are the top rules and best practices to secure your funds in a hardware wallet. The biggest risks are moisture, fire and losing the seed/passphrase yourself:

Follow the following standard from Andreas Antonopoulos:

  1. Don't secure the seed or passphrase digitally - use a paper or metal.
  2. Don't split your seed in 2 pieces or more!
  3. Secure e.g. 2 copies of the seed in different geographical locations
  4. Do the same for your passphrase which should be 6-8 unrelated normal words.
  5. Laminate all of them (against moisture) and put them into secured fireproof safes for example plus envelopes from you know whether someone opened.
  6. Don't tell anybody except family that needs to know in case your e.g. die, are in a coma etc. Make sure they can only get to them in such in stances not in general.


Disclaimer: This is no financialadvice nor 100% bulletproof method, but rather the most secure approach with regards to practicalityaccording to current standards


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