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Using the comments help me get a better understanding of WHAT HAPPENED TO STEEMIT??? What's estm? What's hive? I'm so confused...


Steemit Inc owned majority of Steem tokens. Steemit Inc was purchased by Justin Sun from Tron fame. Justin announced Steem would become a side to Tron. Community freaks and issues soft fork to limit Steemit Inc stake voting. Justin freaks and colludes with exchanges to use customer funds to take over Steem chain. Chain is fought over for a month in a stalemate between Sun/Steem community. Hive is formed as fork of Steem without Steemit Inc stake included. Fork happens everyone leaves Steem and moved to Hive. People selling their Steem tokens since they now have Hive and Steem is dead.

ESTM are Esteem tokens. It's tokens for one of the top mobile apps that used to be on Steem but has moved to Hive (name change incoming.)

Thank you. Literally THANK YOU. I always used esteem and partiko in the past. I was wondering why esteem was a little DIFFERENT this time around.

Yup best I know is that Partiko hasn't been updated in all of this mess and still points to Steem though I could certainly be wrong. I stopped using Partilo about a year ago. Now my preferred way is honestly (formerly Steempeak) from a mobile browser.

I remember when it was the esteem app I wasn't happy with in the first place... How the tables have turned.

Same! I jumped over to Partiko for the better UI design then jumped back over after the last Steem HF I was a part of. I hear Peakd is working on a mobile app. If they put 1/2 the chops they put into their site into it I'm sure it will replace Esteem again for me.

It definitely helps if the apps easy on the eyes. That's what did it for me. If it's clunky and cluttered with unnecessary space being taken up in the main view of the app I'm just not feeling it. Icons only need to be so big.(pictures for buttons and button spacing is my biggest problem.)

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