- Beware of the recent Cryptoart Scam Platform!

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As we all know or should know, after the beeple hype, digital art has now arrived to the mainstream and we all can hardly keep ourselves in our chairs. It would be appropriate to ask where the boundaries are drawn between digital art and crypto art. For more information on transparency, read @vikisecrets blogpost.

It may come as no surprise that centralized platforms such as MakersPlace, Nifty Gateway, SuperRare or Foundation, which are run by companies (not like @nftshowroom, which is based on a community) now seem to have problems with the masses of emails and account/collection verification requests.

The fact that at the same time also dubious platforms pop up should in any case make you cautious. It's better to get a closer look, look twice and maybe even get help from our wonderful and vigilant blog community here on hive.

2021-03-16 (1).png

It looks like seems to be precisely this kind of dubious platform. The platform advertises itself to serve creators and artists, to accelerate the invitation processes, but instead does not disclose who's behind it, in general the site is also very poorly set up with missing contact data and missing social media links. To get a more detailed understanding of the site or community is therefore impossible right from the start. Careful! The consistently positive comments and the complete different appearance of the platform design on youtube should be taken with extreme caution!

The promotion tweets in favor of are highly questionable:

twitter promotion scam.jpg

It is also strongly advised not to contact or try to obtain any invitation codes, because although is not based on any blockchain, it calculates in a dubious way gas fees and demands at the end to make a transfer, there is no fluctuation in those gas fees, which is actually so very typical for cryptocurrencies due to their volatility, i.e. the gas fees are always the same at the fake and arbitrarily chosen amount of 0.09 ETH. Even stable coins have a certain degree of volatility! By now it should be clear to everyone that they want to scam us. The utmost caution is advised! Do not fall for their lame tricks!

2021-03-16 (2).png
Suitability for what? If one is stupid enough to fall for the scam?

2021-03-16 (3).png
Loading what exactly? A virus?

2021-03-16 (4).png
Oh that is so lame...

2021-03-16 (5).png
...even with a typo

2021-03-16 (6).png
so damn stupid

2021-03-16 (7).png
The only thing to take seriously is the no entry road sign (one won't get anywhere and anything out of these efforts): do not transfer any bit of any crypto!

2021-03-16 (8).png
Fuck NO!

Nothing "secured" only scam! Do not transfer anything to that address!
It might be interesting handing in that ETH address for blockchain forensics purposes to companies like!

Stay safe and keep your eyes open!!!


Beware of NFT scammers, like in the ICO era where 99% were scams 😂 Also a blog post about gas fees would be interesting, I think cryptoart is not sustainable on Ethereum with the current level of gas fees.

So true, also your comment about sustainability, but it won't make me fall prey to China state blockchains like NEO and their cryptoart platform 👻🤣

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