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Mind Puzzle - digital art 90/20

Dear friends,

my latest digital remaster of one of my sketches from 30 years ago is finally minted and available for purchase at AsyncArt.

The work has been created as part of a conversation with my younger self and the search for my signature style, that I started in July 2020.

It is based on a ballpen drawing from about 1990, that I digitally recreated by accurately following the lines using a graphics drawing tablet. Next I filled the shapes with digital colors before I finally decided to split the work into several puzzle-pieces, that can be independently change hue or alternatively display the outlines to turn it into an interactive AsyncArt work.

Here is a side by side comparison of the original drawing and the finished work (in one of its countless states).

30 years later...

Programmable Puzzle Art

As you can see in the following gif, I've split the artwork into several different "puzzle-pieces", which can independently change hue or alternatively display the outlines only. The work has also the ability to change the background color (which is a layer, I will keep for a while).


Collectors Welcome

While I've started a reverse auction for the master at Opensea, which will end at September 12th with 2 Eth (if nobody buys it before), I've already set up a buy-it-now price for the single layers at AsyncArt.

Puzzle2 // Who is Who?

Puzzle 2 has already been sold to an artist form UK called Urben and Puzzle 7 has been acquired by collector Zaphodok.

Puzzle7 // The Double Bass Player

I've also started to write a short series about the background story of the different pieces, which I will crosspost here as well.

Get some Unity

In other news, I've recently launched my own social-currency called $Unity, which rewards my readers with an Eth-based token. This token can then be used to exchange it for some of my crypto-art, cryptovoxels-wearables and other cool stuff.

So thanks for reading thus far, please take some free $Unity!



Good to see that some old memory art are renewed by colour marking, another great news is that a social crypto coin launched, have a nice a day.

Thanks for your feedback and enjoy!

Great to see all those things you try out. Ethereum seems to be the place for art these days. I have been through some bad experience with the Danish tax authorities, so I have been reluctant to try to go into all the new stuff until I get a ruling from my complain-case.

But I like the results of your efforts - at least art is also still just art that can be enjoyed for free.

Thanks mate, glad that you enjoy the artwork. I've put so much love and time into this, I hardly can let it go. But, as you said, it's still there, even if someone buys and owns (part of) it.

Ethereum is still the chain of choice for most of the cryptoartists and collectors, but NFT Showroom recently made something similar available using Hive. In times of high gas fees it's quite a nice alternative.

Sorry to hear that the tax-men spoil the fun for you... hope the issue is resolved soon!

I really want to try these crypto-signed methods, but I have been too busy and probably will be for a while more. My main plan now is to finish the second Phill album this autumn. But who knows I might just find a way to get it mixed in.

As for the Danish tax-authorities, they have gone through a crisis for years now and they are completely incompetent right now. We'll see what comes of it, but I don't have high hopes.