AI Robotics ICO is a game-changer...Period

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Aitheon is a digital ecosystem aimed at simplifying business processes through AI, robotic, and human symbiosis. The company offers a number of innovative digital solutions, including integratable robots (mechbots and electronic devices) and virtual robots, known as digibots.

Aitheon believes that individuals are so laden with back-end business processes, that they are removed from the ability to fully participate in these talents that they set out to share. At present, back-end business management is time consuming, complicated and requires multiple systems; each to complete a different task.

Aitheon’s mission is to change this.

Aitheon announced their Pre ICO on Jan 18th at the Bitcoin North America Conference in Miami. This sale will conclude on Jan 31. My suggestion is to act fast.

AI robotics is a multibillion dollar industry with the realistic potential to scale to a trillion-dollar industry within 10 years. Aitheon is the only company in its space with real partnerships and working technology that fuses AI robotic technology with live real-time human interaction leveraging the power of blockchain technology. Current working demos include a self-driving Jeep.

At the Miami conference visitors/investors were able to interact with live working technology and even pour themselves a beer with a real robotic arm. Yes...I'm serious.

Aitheon is currently offering a link to purchase their Pre ICO at a 50% Discount. You can also read about the team, current working products, and access the Whitepaper.

Don’t miss out on this game changer.


Is this similar to Or deepbrain chain? I've been interested in a blockchain AI coin but not sure which one to choose.

The 50% discount rules this one out for me. If they were good, they wouldn't need gimmicks like that. People will just sell after the ICO. When the selling stops, I can compare them to others and decide if they're worth buying or not. I picked up some Singularity after the ICO, when the price crashed.

you can hire me to drive that car on my daily commute for free!!! just pay gas hahahahah, now for real, thank you for the post I have been doing lots of research on upcoming coins and I am still very suspicious on some companies just doing the front funding and not delivering the final product. How have your experience been so far? and thank you for sharing the info here :)

True...tons of scams and bright ideas....thats why Aitheon is so refreshing.

Skynet for sure is surely reading this post ...

I know I am in. Buying more now

lol the scams get better and better...

Oh cool website i check it but am busy now i will be start may tonight.

This is disruptive technology at its finest...leveraging blockchain tech to change life as we know it....with real working technology and legitimate partnerships across several industries.

The Website theme is very attractive and the loading page is Awesome... What is the name of this theme? I want to use it on my own website.

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I didn't even know this was a thing! Thank you for sharing it :)

What is the purpose of the coin?

Aitheon could be a good help in making life easier for human race

Aitheon in ico its a opportunity.

AI machine learning is the new orange. @blockchaindaily

good going to resteem your post

Nice. Thanks for sharing this. Checked out the website. You should toss that web teaser video they have into your post. Just a thought. :)

Sounds promising but better do more research about it. I will read more reviews about this one. And hey thanks for the info it would be best if this project will be a success.

Thanks for this post.

That sounds like a large buyin Discount... raises a red flag on my side. Rest of the inputs seem legit.

nice and promising project. love your post @blockchaindaily
hope you keep me posted on more of such.


i think singularity net is a better investment

thank you for sharing this bue post, I would like very much to give you a look at this project please, your opinion is very important to me, and thank you

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I don't like these ICOs in which what is offered is a token that resemble more of a "equity stock" that a "coin". For financing themselves businesses can use the classic IPO process, that is heavily regulated and more costly for them, and that is to protect investors.

I am such a noob with crypto and steemit -- there's so much info I'm getting dizzy! I do know that I'm supposed to comment and upvote though. Consider both done!