Top 10 Altcoins to 3X in 2018! - Altcoin CryptoCurrency - Crypto Altcoins

Here is a list of 10 altcoins I think will see easy 3x in 2018! The cryptocurrency market is down now, so good time to buy!

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I am not a professional financial adviser. All investments you make are of your own. Do your own research.


I'm still heavy on Cardano. Hoping they can pull off their goals.

Same. They have a great team lets hope they can pull it off

Charles is great at promoting Cardano. I'm sure will see it grow even more in the upcoming years.

Thoughts on Telcoin (TEL)?

It's an interesting project. Will they accomplish their goals right now all we can do is see and wait. I like how they have a twitter as well a reddit community. There website for some reason reminds me a lot of Neblio's. I'm sure it's the layout. However, never invest in a coin you can't get any information on or for some reason seems odd. Best place to get it seems to be Kucoin. I personally only invested a small amount, but since it's so cheap at the moment you can see some gains from it. Now also remember we may not see any movement in price at all. I'm sure either this year or by next year we will see many coins fading away. Right now I feel there are too many for no reason. Many are scams or are invested with whales that like to pump and dump.

Hopefully start of the formation of a foundation and then pushing on after the end of the lunar new year.

Awesome list and includes a handful that I am involved in already. Thanks for the great video.

He mentions 17: $XRP, $NEO, $BNB, $FUN, $WAX, $TRX, $STEEM, $DRGN, $NAS, $GAS, $SUB, $NEBL, $SRN, $NAV, $AST, $ELA, $ZOI in no particular order so its not really a top 10.

Top 10 in the top 100, his top 10 in the next 100 and 2 bonus...
I'm happy to have and hear more...

Couldn't see the list of top 10 buddy, could you add it in as this looks interesting :)

thanks for another great video dude, sure hope you and your gf feel better fast .

I have a few of those coins already. Here's hoping!

I like written content better is all could you include the written list?

Do you still believe in Binance after this shutdown? Opens the door for other exchanges to take market share.

How did electroneum miss this list ;)

Thank you for sharing those 10 and also the extras! I agree and know these coins will moon.

Love when these guys talk about the coins im already invested in! Makes me feel a little better about my decisions! Feel free to check out my blog for additional information on crypto!


I hold quite a few of the coins you mentioned... hoping to get some of the others before the prices start going back up! Also taking note for next year...

glad to see binance back up and running again. it's been a tumultuous month. i'm ready for bull season.

So I agree with the big four, as well as Dragon Chain. The one I'm exited about the most is PowerLedger, BNB, and VIBE!

Will you guys review Power Ledger (POWR)? That would be awesome!

yes, Zoin mining video please.