Register Your EOS or Die!

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Ok, maybe not die, but you will lose your money if you fail to do this.

My name is Erin and I’m new to these parts of the Interwebs. A little about me – I have a strong and long background in digital marketing strategy, and have ended up as a tech support guru by default for many a client. This is why tech support in the crypto world has become my fulltime job – old clients have come a knocking at my door to help make sense of a very messy collection of apps and websites, all in the name of crypto.

I can’t blame them, not at all. Between the three exchanges I currently use, 10 desktop wallets, and Google Authenticator, it’s enough to drive me batty.

The lack of ease and flow in the crypto tech world is a huge hurdle, and greatly concerns me. It is a great privilege to understand how to use computers well, and there are plenty of people of all ages who will miss out on crypto and the broader benefits of the blockchain because of lacking tech skills.

This is why I’m using my soapbox to keep all of you updated and informed. I do it because I care.

Right now the biggest issue I see coming is for the hottest crypto around these days – EOS.

Here’s the message – loud and clear! REGISTER YOUR EOS OR ELSE YOU WILL LOSE IT ON JUNE 1st!!!

Yes, it’s true. I’m still hearing from a lot of friends who haven’t registered yet, or thought they did, but didn’t do it the right way. There’s a lot of confusion, so let’s get this straight right now.

All you need to do is download the Exodus Wallet to your desktop, which by the way, is the sexiest crypto wallet around. It’s about as close to a universal wallet as you can get, and quite easy to use.

Once you have Exodus, go to this link, which will walk you through the process. It takes two minutes tops.

There you go. Do it now.

Lots of Love & Crypto.

Erin G.


Hi @ering , very catchy post! Block one who are creating the software (and really nothing else!) have announced recently that they will try help unregistered holders. having said that, this is likely to be a more messy task and you still miss out on all the airdrops coming up around the launch. so registering remains certainly the best option.

Thank you ;-)

Good post we really need to push this message as there are still thousands of unregistered addresses.

It would be a shame for people to lose their money and also miss all the airdrops that are taking place right now. EOS is making it rain free money.

Go EOS!!!!!

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