3 Things You Should Never Do on a Crypto Exchange

Ok, let's be honest, I'm giving you all 6 tips.

Basic Tips
Tip 1 (1:07) - Have an investment plan (hold, cost average, swing trading, day trading, etc)
Tip 2 (5:20) - Don't trade emotionally (educate yourself, don't invest more than you can afford to lose)
Tip 3 (7:41) - Hedge your bet (mitigate risks, diversify to an extent, don't go all in on a single investment)

Technical tips
Tip 1 (8:55) - Never market order a low cap coin (don't fomo/chase the trend, high volatility)
Tip 2 (10:26) - Use a stop loss (prices are very volatile)
Tip 3 (11:14) - Don't enter a position you can't exit (low liquidity)

Additional Reading/Links:

More on swing and day trading

Crypto Glossary


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cool adivce :)

@tipu curate

Sensible tips!

Surprised one of the tips wasn't to research / understand what you are buying.

If you watched the video you'd learn that this was mentioned in detail :)