Make Crypto Twitter Work for You

It's hard to avoid the toxicity, but here are some accounts that have helped me along my journey.

Oh yes, always remember: take it with a grain of salt, no one has a crystal ball but if you can learn from others whether it's what you should or shouldn't do, it's worth exploring. All for a bit more perspective, right?



Don Alt
Bob Loukas
Crypto Hustle

Market analysis:

Vijay Boyapati
Willy Woo

Bitcoin philosophy:

Jameson Lopp

Game Theory and Philosophy (HIGHLY RECOMMEND)


Memes & News:

Omar Bham

Living abroad/Wealth Planning:

Andrew Henderson

Comedy Purposes:

The Onion


Can't wait to watch this! Saved to check out later! 🤗

Hope you enjoy it! 😊

Sweet rundown. Lots of familiar names in there. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Naval for the past few years. My first contact with his ideas was when he was on the Tim Ferriss podcast a while back... his ideas are incredible both in and out of crypto. 🙌🏽

Yes! Big fan of his as well, Tim Ferris is pretty cool too :)

Good people to follow for that crypto news! Thanks for sharing 😀

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Happy to :)

Shout out to #CT 👨🏾‍🚀... already follow majority of this list, some follow back (:

Cheers !BEER

One of the most important Twitter account to follow (in my opinion) is this girl: @blockchainchick She will give you the most valuable info about crypto!

Thank you :)