Register Your EOS Before June 1 or You Could Lose Your Tokens - Exodus Wallet EOS Registration Instructions

Register EOS As Soon As Possible!

This post is to bring awareness to the EOS Mainnet registration that is required by all EOS and eosDAC ERC 20 token holders before June 1st, 2018, in order to receive the coins on the EOS network.* It is critically important that you register your Ethereum address to a valid EOS public address so that the tokens you own will be credited. If you fail to register in time, your current holdings could wind up worthless. The registration process is very simple, but this is time sensitive as it’s only a few days away. Please do this as soon as possible and share with anybody else that you know who holds this currency.

According to a recent article from Coin Insider, over 65% of EOS users are currently unregistered with the new network. This is very alarming and the number of unregistered has since dropped to ~52% unregistered. EOS has always had a very strong, supportive and friendly community - That the last thing we would want is for so many token holders to lose their wealth due to a simple mistake like not registering their tokens. Another [unconfirmed] reasonn to register the token is to be sure you take place in the number of EOS dAPP airdrops that will be taking place soon for token holders.

There have already been a couple great Steemit posts on how to register EOS and eosDAC ERC20 tokens, so rather than try to rewrite the instructions, I would rather link you to these two helpful articles by these two different authors. The first article explains how to register your EOS tokens using a few different methods, in only a few simple steps. The second article shows how to register if you have your coins in the Exodus software wallet.

How to Register EOS in Exodus Wallet

The Exodus wallet registration process has been made very easy, and if you open the wallet and follow the simplest instructions ever from my screenshot, you will be done in less than 5 minutes.
register exodus.png

As long as you have the current version of the software wallet, you simply click the button in the bottom left corner of the wallet, and you will be prompted to complete a simple, one-click registration. After completed, you can check the registration status. If the registration is completed and up to date, Exodus will show a blue circle like you see in my screenshot. To check your Ethereum wallet address to confirm you have registered, you can use EOSAuthority, and just paste in your ETH wallet address.

Can I Leave My Coins on an Exchange?

Yes... but if you want to be safe, DON'T. Many exchanges have promised to automatically register all EOS that their users hold on the platforms, but it is always safer to store your cryptocurrency in a wallet, off the exchange. The only way to control, and own your cryptocurrency is to control your private keys. Holding crypto on exchanges is riskier, and means you are putting your faith into another party who will not be held accountable. Do yourself a favor and put your EOS in a wallet.

Share with Friends, Share in Crypto Groups, Make Sure Everyone's Coins are Safe

While you may have already knew this, your peers may not know. If this post helped you or brought it to your attention that EOS must be registered before June, please Resteem and share this article in crypto groups you are in on social media sites, apps like Telegram or Discord, and with any friends elsewhere that might not know about this. Don’t let your friends lose money – knowledge is power.

Important Note from Exodus team's Medium article: "Beware of EOS Scams and Phishing Attempts... DO NOT GIVE YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION TO ANY UNTRUSTED SOURCES... [and] If you’re asked for your private keys, it’s more than likely a scam and should be treated as such."

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Sounds important and I will register one. Thanks for the info.

Great! Glad to help.

Heh, about half my EOS is still sitting on Binance. The other half is on a registered ETH address. I'm considering if it is worth keeping some of the EOS on Binance to begin trading in the new token as soon as it launches, or if I should just play it safe and move it all back to my registered wallet.

Probably, in the end I will play it safe, but I might just stack a little bit more before moving it all tomorrow or the day after!

That is the toss up sometimes... Even though its safer to keep your coins in a wallet, it's nice to be able to trade without having to wait for a deposit to complete beforehand... I know I wish I had kept some of my ZCL on Bittrex when the Bitcoin Private fork happened. Would have been nice to sell and just keep my BTCP. Better safe than sorry though. I'm keeping my EOS in Exodus wallet.

Yes, but hindsight is a wonderful thing! You might have sold and held the wrong one!

May, I think for EOS I consider it a long term investment, so I'm not likely to pay games with these tokens. Straight to the wallet.

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Thanks for voting and sharing it!

Great consciousness article about EOS... It will be so helpful for all EOS user , Who is registered in wrongly and new comer... I am just now registered.. bro.. .@instatrashed

This information needs to be spread !!

Feel free to spread it to anyone! Anyone and anywhere!

Well that's a great info.
Will tell my friends who buy to register theirs

Excellent. I hope it helps.

Thanks for sharing!

I for my self do not hold any EOS. Damn I can see this being a huge problem for some "investors" with literally no clue about the cryptomarket.

Hope all will register in time!

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When I try to download and install wallet, my laptop says it is virus. Is this something normal as I have planned to keep my EOS on Binance and not interested in registering.

If you are downloading the Exodus wallet from their official website (linked) then there should not be a virus. It may just be your anti-virus software doing that because it's crypto related, but since I am not seeing what you are seeing, I do not want to give you any advice and then you wind up infected. Check the URL, and make sure it is legit.

Personally I would not keep my EOS on an exchange since I like to control my private keys, especially in a situation like this where things are changing, but that is just me.

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es una gran informacion ya que suena muy interesante,Registrare uno,ya que hay distintos tipos de billeteras de mi parte te podria recomendar esta es muy buena tambien amigo @instatershed.

I've just purchased through the EOS website, so had to register my address anyway ;-)

Isn't the mainnet launch going to be delayed btw? Thought I read that on Reddit.

Perfect information to register EOS in Exodus wallet. Thanks for sharing this quality content. I like it.

Thanks for sharing this lovely information