ColdFusion TV: Why Blockchain Matters More Than You Think! ⭐️❌ NEW!❌ Uploaded 30mins ago.

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Dagogo from ColdFusion TV has finally published the long awaited video about Blockchain and why it is a really next big thing.

So, in this video he describes :

#1 Bitcoin
#2 Why and what is blockchain
#3 Why one of the biggest banks is thinking to create their own cryptocurrencies
#4 Had skype chat with 1st guy in the world who is a BLOCKCHAIN LAWYER - Dr. Adrian Mcculagh.
#5 Surprisingly for us he talks about Steemit and Dtube and said that he just joined Steemit and talks about Steemit importance.
#6 Talks about decentralised autonomous organisation DAO and it's limitless potention.

He is my favourite Youtuber because he always talks about things not just reading something from Wiki, but he does real research about things and put his own perpective in it.

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Dagogo is cerebral in his creations.


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One of my favorite YouTubers talking about blockchain is amazing in itself, but then.. he mentions Steemit!

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I love his videos too:)

Thanks for putting up this info I am new to this platform and I hove been really amazed at all the great information that i can find. Thank you.

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