VIVA Challenge: MAY DAY!

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This astute feline is going to buy some VIVA Crowns when the ICO opens up on May 1st, Should you?

This is what VIVA is all about:

The VIVA Project is more than about cryptocurrency. It's the currency that guarantees price stability by direct control of the supply using smart contracts. Building off of a multi-million dollar development project called Hyperledger Fabric (funded by IBM and other industry leaders) VIVA multidimensional blockchain graph raises the bar for blockchain technology. Unlike Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus algorithms, VIVA concept of Proof of Authority does not depend on energy consuming mining farms nor top-heavy stake holders who dominate the ecosystem.

If you have questions about Viva, stop over and ask the developers some questions at right now or read this great piece from @kevinwong about Viva.


My dog even approved of this post. ;)

May CAT wants a VIVA CROWN too and wants the cats be part of the vivaconomy, so all cats are fed and have homes.

It's getting pretty busy over in chat! Whether you are buying VIVA Crown, Coin or there to chat, we've got such a wonderful community... Probably because we've got so many Steemians there already. :D

I use to think May Day at the University of Akron was awesome when I was younger! This will be the best May Day yet!

That clever cat cannot be wrong! Go VIVA!

Seems to me that VIVA could be a game changer!

What the Viva Price is or will be on May first?

VIVA around $5.50
VIVA Crowns around 200 VIVA or ~$1000

Lucky Feline!

May Day hasn't felt this good in a long while!

I have a cat, I have a crown... :)