What Is Tau? - My Only Other Crypto Investment

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Something Revolutionary In the Crypto Space

The overwhelming majority of new crypto projects out there fall into 3 main categories:

  1. A pure currency with a twist, be it anonymity, speed, no transactions fees, no transactions at all etc.
  2. A smart contract platform with a minor adjustment in trade offs - offering less security for more performance, more security for less performance, less security for less performance etc.
  3. A quasi unintentional scam; the sort of idea that sounds pretty good at the pub after you've all downed 6 or 7 drinks, then instead of waking up and realizing it's stupid, proceed to put together a fancy website and kick an ICO based off of it. (I honestly think maybe 90%+ of cryptos belong in this group)

Now the trillion dollar question is this: is just having a currency or shoving a Turing Complete programming language into the blockchain to allow for smart contracts truly the best use of this decentralized innovation? Ohad Asor, creator and lead developer of Tau, does not think so.


What Is Tau?

Before I start I have to make a confession: I don't truly understand Tau. But I feel that I don't understand it slightly less than people who don't know about it at all, so I'll have a go at explaining it.

Tau is a platform that is designed to scale human collaboration and knowledge building.

Almost every significant piece of technology to date (that isn't about accelerating physical labor) has been primarily focused on the disseminating information or data. The wheel, roads, telephones, the internet are all indispensable achievements that have served to aid getting information from A to B.

But the real value isn't in the data itself, it's from the organization of the information within that data into useful knowledge. While the mere distribution of information is an important step to scaling human progress, it's also only part of the picture. The next step has typically been up to us, the human actors, to use our little brains to distill that information manually until we produce knowledge;

Tau is the first piece of serious technology that is aimed to not only automate the collection of information, but also the production of knowledge, unless you count Neflix's 'AI' recommending 'The Human Centipede' after your toddler has just watched 'A Bug's Life', as successful knowledge discovery made by a machine. Tau is about the industrialization of knowledge creation via taking some of the burden of logical reasoning from us humans and giving it to the machine.

What Can Tau Do?

Ohad has spent years researching and developing Tau. The design is centered around creating a self defining, decidable logic that is expressible under pspace (which is mathematically shown to be the most expressive any self defining and decidable language can be), that will act as a metalanguage for all programming languages defined under Tau.

A trivial example of what this can directly lead to is secure smart contracts. Smart contracts operating under Tau cannot ever give rise to something like the DAO hack - decidable programming languages means one can anticipate the entire spectrum of possible consequences of the code before running it, allowing us to avoid anything unintended. But reliable and secure smart contracts are only a tiny fraction of what the platform can truly offer.

The power of Tau's design will allow it to boast some truly wondrous features including:

  • Scalable social governance by automatically detecting consensus among its user base via their logical propositions rather than through voting which is mathematically flawed and inefficient
  • Scale human collaborative endeavors by organizing the individual propositions of large groups of experts in their respective fields and logically deducing new knowledge from these propositions
  • Synthesize code by automatically constructing code from its knowledge base according to the users specifications
  • and many more features further along like a knowledge market, automated virtual economy and an advanced derivatives market

Ohad has yet to fully explain how this will be achieved, but by far the most difficult part is creating the initial decidable, self defining logic system that serves as a metalanguage. Many had their doubts but yesterday Ohad announced that the first and most difficult step towards this end has been achieved. The code he has written is a working version of the Tau Meta Language which correctly computed a transitive closure graph. This is a proof of concept of the great things to come!

Now that the initial code is released, Ohad is working on a set of explanations about Tau which will outline it's features and how it'll be able to achieve them in more detail. Tau is notoriously difficult to explain, but it's definitely worth the effort to understand it. I'll keep you updated when his explanations are released.

Who Is The Lead Developer Ohad Asor?

Ohad Asor is a programmer, computer scientist, mathematician and logician from Israel. He attended university at the age of 13 and has extensive experience (30+ years) in programming and mathematics.

Most people know me as the clown on here who just writes jokes along the lines of taking his mom to the prom after his cousin rejected him or some shit, but I sat my university entrance exams at 16 and scored in the top 0.5% of Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank and took a prestigious course at a well known university. I only bring this up to show that I've had no shortage of dealings with what ordinarily would be considered to be extremely intelligent people, but Ohad is on a completely different level.

Ohad Asor is, quite frankly, the most intelligent and knowledgeable person with whom I've ever interacted. There are many geniuses and child prodigies out there, but Ohad has spent virtually every minute of his waking moments studying up until this point in his life, and he likely has an IQ of over 5 standard deviations above the mean to begin with. I have spoken to him and followed his project over the past 8 months, and my assessment and admiration of his abilities has only increased over this time period.

Here is a short video of him explaining the old design of Tau and some of its features. The information is dated as the new design is far superior, but these features remain.

English is Ohad's second language - His native language is C

How Do I Invest In Tau?

Tau itself has no tokens but Ohad is also building Agoras, the first automated marketplace over the Tau collaborative platform. Agoras tokens are currently traded on Bittrex. It has one of the fairest distributions in the cryptosphere and Ohad is only reserving 3% of the tokens for himself. None of that 20% for the founders, 10% for the developers, 20% for the foundation, 15% for the founders' penis enlargement fund bullshit.

Agoras has made considerable gains over the last few weeks but it's total market cap is still under 100 million at the time of writing, which, to me, represents an incredible opportunity for something potentially revolutionary. If we woke up tomorrow without Bitcoin, things would more or less continue as they did, but if we woke up tomorrow without electricity, the world would be an entirely different place. Indeed Tau aims to be the latter: a truly indispensable piece of technology, which is a status that no cyrpto project has yet reached.

This article isn't to be taken as investment advice any more than it is to be construed as advice on how to get out of the friend zone without resorting to chloroform. I'm not affiliated nor paid by the Tau team in any way. I have not made a single crypto recommendation in my 8 months of being here until now. I just wanted to share something that I think has immense potential to be truly revolutionary, and it also happens to be the only other crypto investment I hold other than Steem.

Feel free to ask some questions after and I'll try my best to answer them.

Special thanks to @dana-edwards and the Steemit platform for allowing me to discover this project

Tau Website
Telegram Chat
Github Repository
Agoras on Bittrex
Tau Reddit
Tau QQ Group Number: 203884141
IRC for technical questions only, Ohad will generally reply within a day

There are 3 pages

Extremely well put. It was like reading my own thoughts right down to "I don't understand the tech but I know it sounds awesome!" Except due to my work load I haven't had time to stay on top of any of developments and had no idea why the price had spiked! Good to know!

AGRS has been one of my few recommendations in the space and I still continue to recommend it and largely for the reasons you highlighted: I invest in people and Ohad is clearly an amazing person who I have no doubt has assembled a world-class team. I'm happy to fund his hair-brained scheme even if it might not work, just like I was happy to fund Elon Musk's hair-brained schemes over the years.

Also shout out to @dana-edwards who brought this project to my attention, and no doubt many of us here on Steemit. This project is one of the few truly ambitious projects in the space and I'm happy to wait years for any kind of return on my investment.

Hey andrarchy, thanks for popping by

The price spike was due to the first release of working Tau Meta Language code on the github

He is truly going for something revolutionary here, and the guy is just a pure genius. Not much hair, but definitely a lot of brain, hair brained schemes or not :)

And yes, I added a shoutout to dana in the post, I can't believe I forgot it in the initial post. Steem and Tau are my only crypto investments. I truly expect great things from them.

Thanks for all the hard work Andy.

Hi @trafalgar
Awesome piece.
I'm a newbie here and I'd like you to check out my introductory post and upvote. Here's the link below. Thanks

TML is the most ambitious project I know of. What I learned from a quote from Bruce Lee (I remember you appreciate martial arts), is that one of the keys to his success was to aim high.

The quote:

“Don't fear failure. — Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.” - Bruce Lee

This holds very true. Whether we are talking about Facebook which had the extremely ambitious mission of making the world more connected, or Google to organize the world's information and make it useful, or Bitcoin to create peer to peer electronic cash. Tauchain and Tau has the kind of ambition where the reward for success of this project is a world changing impact.

TML being not just a language, but a meta language, allowing for advanced users to define and configure languages. This is something no other crypto project has even attempted.

Thanks for sharing. This project sounds very interesting. Once Tau is fully implemented, what will that future look like? Could you share some of your thoughts on that? I will have to look far more deeply into this to understand and to start building predictions myself you see.

that's very difficult to say, but I'd imagine that knowledge creation through discussion and collaboration will scale immensely

right now, you can't effectively have a meeting of, say 500 experts on genetic engineering and expect the fruits of that discussion to be as efficient as 3 experts, due to a whole heap of reasons (only 1 person can talk at a time, we can't follow or remember multiple conversations etc) but over tau, collaborative discussions can scale logically through the platform.

This basically means human progress will be greatly accelerated. There's no 'AI' buzzword or anything here, its just how a logic engine will work. But tha'ts only 1 component of Tau.

It also offers automated code synthesis and automated virtual marketplace. One day over the network you won't have to make investment or business decisions, you can just give it a broad order like 'make me the most money possible' or 'contribute to the most egalitarian distribution of wealth possible' or 'do whatever you can to contribute to minimizing economic suffering in the world' and it can be automated

Sounds quite far fetched, but I think it has a non trivial chance of success. Wait for Ohad's explanations coming within a few weeks

Fascinating. This is just what the future needs to really be called one.

It sounds like the perfect technology for the T-9000 (either the Terminator or the Refrigerator).

haha sounds like one of those home gyms you hand on your door or something

but Tau is truly something else, doing a bit of research there might be the best thing you've ever done for yourself

it's the most ambitious and potentially revolutionary project out there and lead by the smartest guy i know

Wait a sec....for many moons Steem has been unfavored (akin to being slapped around like the forgotten & neglected step-child of crypto) by traders because of our vast complexities like 13 Weeks Powerdown, Steem To Vest Depreciating Ratio, Duality of SBD with its Interest Rates(Did somebody say negative interest soon?), Curation Payouts Decay & Arbitrary % Sharing 30min count down, Downvote Flagging Micro-Battles, and our (in)famous variations of upvote agendas which includes assortments of Circle-jerk, Self-jerk, Whale-jerk, Orca-jerk, Dolphin-jerk, Minnow-jerk, Bots-jerk, Swarm-of-Fake-Russian-Accounts-Following-Curation-Jerks, etc, Etc, ETC...And that's all before throwing in the monkey wrench of SMT Oracles into the mix!

But wait, correct me if I am mistaken, am I hearing that with tau all those fussy day traders will finally have the technology to predict the endless chaos and permutations of Steem unpredictable price factors empowering us to be the next crypto casino of choice togo to $10,000, yes?

Hell yeah...sign me up for some of that evolving redefining expert systems decision matrix thingamagic tau!

disclosure: benith all that absurdity I am already an owner of AGRS

haha no it cannot predict the market like that, although it will offer an advanced derivatives market in the future

steem is great, combining crypto with a social media website is a natural fit and i expect it to be one of the fastest growing platforms next year

tau is a different beast entirely. It's about scaling knowledge production and getting the machine to understand machine comprehensible language rather than just execute the code.

Oh I get it, I get, super realistic sex-bots(machines) that not just run sensual logic, but actually understands the damn instructions....straight out of the tau-blockchain by deriving the habitual mating media stimulus market and self-stimulating rituals by compiling the demands of human behavior when net-neutrality constrict porn download creating a suplus of pent up semen demand!

Sweet BeJezuz, I need it even more now!

net neutrality2.JPG

source: I would reference it but I suspect it's probably fake news. Still it's got some fun truth in jest ya? :)

Epic comment and pic!

100% upvoted. Thanks for the write up & will be looking forward to your follow up post!


Hmmmm, very interesting. I like the fact that it's appears to be in it's own class as an investment. Something not of the norm these days. A logic based AI system has me intrigued and excited in a way but in another a bit weary? A good investment........ why not as tech. keeps marching forward this was sure to come to light. It's cheap enough to not worry with if it were to fail. The AI advancement is here to stay whether we like it or not as people all around the world are mining 24/7 consistently upgrading their operations essentially growing this intelligence daily. All the while the growing AI rewards the minors through coin and token payment advancing its own growth exponentially ............ I'll look into tau more as you have my attention. Great post! :)

yes, it's a logic based rather than a statistical based AI system
more strictly, it allows machine comprehensible languages to be defined under it, and it can extract propositions made with these languages into its knowledge base
then it can make logical deductions or piece together code in any machine comprehensible language defined under it

Its features are not even limited to this. Tau is quite amazing really. You can look at the code yourself.

Woww.. Very interesting.

Is Tau trading yet or in ICO? Sounds cool if Traf has invested in it i must say😎

It's trading on bittrex, the link is given on the bottom
I never ask people to do this as I don't expect it usually, but reading the full article might be the best decision you'll ever make in your life :)

I'll definitely give it a shot..

I have so far avoided Bittrex. That might have to change.

there are problems with every exchange
and there are always risks holding it yourself too
but there's no getting around it for now
definitely worth looking into this project, by far the most revolutionary one I've come across and it's my only other investment besides steem

@trafalgar - Hmm, synthesizing knowledge from carefully organized and collected data. Sounds interesting and headed in the AI direction. Since AI is going to be big in future, this should be worth investing in. Will take a look at Tau and Agoras.
Thanks for the heads up. Upvoted



it has every right to be called AI, but Ohad himself hates buzzwords and just wants to talk about the features in a tangible fashion

it's a logic based ai system, rather than a statistical approach, which Ohad he understands very well as he has years of experience in machine learning but deeps it unsuitable for this design

I can't praise his intelligence enough, the guy is truly something else

Thanks. That makes sense. Will do some follow up reading.

Have to admit to not fully - or even partly - understanding this, but I'm looking for one or two early projects to invest in so need to read further about this - could be a good contender!

Looks like it has rocketed in the last few days - along with everything else

Thanks for posting!

Tau/Agoras is a completely different beast to every other crypto project out there
it's on a completely different level
you'll definitely be doing yourself a favor looking into it in more detail

i'm willing to wager that looking deeper into this will be one of the best things you'll do for yourself in your life :)

Ok, I am all for doing good things for myself!

And I love a wager - how about we wager your Steem power for mine? ;-)


Pretty much Japanese name :D

hahaha the name Tau is actually an ancient greek letter which means 2 pi or 'full circle'
its also the etymology of the word tautology meaning self definition

ohkay so we got it's background history too, awesome :D
Seems like Greeks were buying stuffs in cryptocurrencies before :D


Tau itself has no tokens (yet)? Looks like fresh and big catch

tau won't have tokens, in the same way as the internet wouldn't be great if it were controlled by a few
but think of agoras as the google, facebook and amazon of tau
it's the central economic marketplace over the platform

I'll check it out, because this sounds as agoras will be a big part of internet in future

This sounds very interesting! The white paper reminds a lot about that of Skynet which I am heavily invested in as I think the technology will change the world.

Jokes aside it is something I will read into more carefully. But at such an early stage it feels like it could be worth atleast to put some skin in the game !

Thanks for sharing :)

it's definitely worth a deeper look, the founder Ohad is truly something else entirely
I'm better academically than I am at being funny
but when I talk to Ohad I feel like I'm talking to a superior species

Well thanks a lot for sharing - I never heard about it before but after your
Post I must say I'm very interested.

Interesting, but what is a small amount to HODL from this TAU.
What is you thought about the growth within one year ?

price predictions are impossible to say in the short term
but next year will be likely the most important year for tau
if this project takes off, it'll be a top 3 crypto (to put it lightly)
it's very possible to see x100+ next year (as it's only sub $100m market cap right now)
but of course it's also possible to lose your money, no one can be certain

I will say that spending a bit of time to look into it might be the best thing you'll ever do for yourself

I will serious look and read into this TAU.
Put it on top of my Xmas presents !

With Crypto Currencies you need to be carefull. You need to read information about crypto wallet that you investing in. Cause when you invest money your crypto wallet just can drop and you lose your moeny.

at the moment agoras tokens are placeholder tokens based on the bitcoin blockchain through omni asset
just like maidsafe and a few others
basically they're safe as long as bitchoin is in tact

This is a great idea, There are some risks but if this works out your investment would have paid off. This definitely confuses me though, Do they have an estimated time when the code will be released

the code IS released
of course the entire platform is far from complete, but that's the start is the most difficult and important step academically speaking

Might be a good addition to the golem & sonm possitions ? i ll have to look closer at this. I like the token spread of Agoras thou and on the surface it sounds like a strong project.

Thanks for the post as well, makes research easier :))

Tau will also have a computational power market, which originated from its precursor Zennet
Zennet predated golem and sonm and boasted superior design to both these projects, but Ohad enhanced the design into Tau

Tau is far more than just a computational resource market

For example, it also gives everyone a very good reason to rent/lease computational power - to perform these logical deductions using the knowledge base that can scale progress in every human endeavor

this is the stuff he was talking about in 2013/2014 i think this will go far

Very informative post abt TAU and very interesting. Give you 100% of upvote from me! Gonna try this.

(Upvoting this comment will help street children of Manila, Philippines this Christmas season) Docu here: https://steemit.com/life/@rashley01/iskolar-marie-simple-wishes

definitely worth a look
it's the only crypto recommendation I've made in my 8 months on this platform

Yes! Thank you very much for the recommendation. I appreciate your post and very worth it. Cheers!

(Upvoting this comment will help street children of Manila, Philippines this Christmas season) Docu here: https://steemit.com/life/@rashley01/iskolar-marie-simple-wishes

Sounds like a useful crypto. After reading it i think i should invest on it as well. 50$ for the start. I'll update.

could be enough to set you up for life one day

Well, I hope you are right, the only thing i know that after reading about it - I belive on it. let's just say, the 1.23$ upvote u just did will go to Tau :)

lol that $1.23 will change your life

You mean 2.46. omg, i'm good at math.

sounds like a good concept and as per your post it looks like a pretty good investment too. But need to study it more until making a decision. thanks a lot for the information.

it's certainly worth looking into in more detail

Very interesting project can give us a solution for a real problem

it's truly something else altogether

@trafalgar, it is true that 90% of cryptos are quasi unintentional scams (or perhaps even intentional, in some cases). I'm hearing of Agoras for the first time and I can see that it's volumes on Bittrex are really low.. But will probably try to find more information on this and see if it's worth investing and holding on to.. thanks for the tip ..

it's volumes are low because it's rank is around 120 atm
but expect this to go up
I really recommend looking into this yourself or at least reading this entire article if you haven't
it could be the best thing you've ever done for yourself :)

@trafalgar, I read the entire article and honestly, I couldn't fully grasp it, but I've made a note to
add this to my watchlist and to try reading a bit more from other sources. Btw, these guys need a better website , http://www.idni.org/agoras, looks rather amateurish.

Hey man... the human centipede was awesome 😂... on a serious note, will be looking into this crypto! 😀

might be the best decision you've ever made, honestly

The innovation of Tau is proof that they do anything! Wow!

I wish it were that easy
it took Ohad years of research to get to this point

upvoted and resteemed.. thanks for sharing, definitely going to do some further research regarding Tau, as it seems to be something which could be quite sustainable moving forward... Nice Post here

to say it's an interesting project is an understatement
tau is truly revolutionary
you should look into it or at least keep it in the back of your mind

Yes, I most definitely am going to do just that! Thanks again @trafalgar

Sounds very interesting
I will drop a look soon
Thanks for sharing

all the other crypto projects are child's play compared to this one
tau is the most ambitious project I've seen, lead by the smartest guy I know
it's worth keeping an eye on for sure

So I don't doubt that Ohad is a very very smart guy, but I am worried for a couple of reasons:

#1. Ohad hasn't updated any code in several months. He hasn't even responded to the open issue on the github about it: https://github.com/naturalog/tauchain/issues/10

#2. The pre-sale was paused for some reason, (I didn't see future plans to resume that) and the project doesn't look very active.

But I want to believe!

new code
released the day before I wrote that article
updated daily since

Ah, interesting. I guess he moved the source code to another project? Maybe he's working on the tau language and not the tau chain right now.

It's also a bit scary with the bus factor. If God forbid he was hit by a bus, would the project continue? Are there other devs working with him?

Tau Te Ching - The way of the zen... find the resting point, the smooth, the calm... the right play in crypto !! (_:

haha probably a good approach to trading
but tau is definitely a hodl for me

gl / peace (-:

Great post @trafalgar definitely worth read ,This sounds very interesting! i will drop a look after work :) , .. thank's for sharing

thanks for reading my post
looking into it in more detail may be the best thing you'll ever do :)


QQ: 203884141


You post is full of information. Tau right?? cute name. Is it safe to investing on Tau??

yes, agoras right now is a placeholder token based on the btc blockchain as an omni asset
so unless bitcoin dissolves, you won't lose your tokens

Can you explain me the future of Tau?? I mean it's acceptability/it's market etc ... Your post made me more excited about this currency..

Thanks for this! Proud owner of 10 AGRS tokens now :)

haha thanks for looking into it
maybe one day it'll be enough to retire on :)

And if not, then I'll retire from SBD, LOL :)

Tau and the project behind it sounds very interesting to me.
Also I agree with you that 90% of all new released coins are scam.
Mostly there is no reason behind a project to create a coin and the coins just get created to make profit.

sometimes its hard to determine if they're intentionally scams or just shit, yet a lot end up making a fortune with the right marketing and a fancy website

tau is the opposite, it's the most ambitious project lead by the smartest guy I know, definitely worth taking a look

New year resolution: friend Ohad on Facebook and take him out for beer.

haha that may clash with his studies over descriptive complexity theory in 2nd order logic paradigms over merkel trees :)

Is it wrong that I am a little turned on by that technobabble? Also, going to bittrex now to see if I can swap some bitcoin for agoras.

haha with a username like yours I wouldn't expect anything less :)

And now you know why I really picked it. Also, now holding some Agora. Which is also the name of 0.01 shekel coin. Like a cent. Agora.

haha Agoras is the ancient greek word for marketplace
intellectuals generally like to pay homage to their intellectual heroes when they're naming their platforms

Also, Agorah is the name of an Israeli metal band.

I am a walking talking collection of useless facts.

But seriously, though. Any way I can get in touch with him to get a quote for a magazine article I am doing?

yes, the IRC info at the bottom of the article is the best way
server: freenode
channel: ##idni

his name is naturalog there

Ended up quoting Moshe Hogeg instead. Bummer. But he's still someone I'd love to meet.

Nice post @trafalgar , it sound's good , this AGRS have a promising future in my opinion , personally i prefer waiting a litle big to just read more about it before making a big invests . ;) , Thank's for sharing with us ^^

By upvoting this comment ,you're going to help peoples suffering from cancer ! |Post is coming soon| helping sick peoples is the best thing you can ever do :)

that's quite sensible, note that this project has been in the works for 3 years and the first code has just been released

it's defintely something to keep an eye on

It is an interesting concept, and TBH I never saw anything like this. Thank you @trafalgar for all the information​ :), I will look into it and understand it before I make a decision.

tau/agoras is like no other crpyto project so it's difficult to explain
it's far more ambitious and technical than just shoving a programming language into the blockchain like eth, cardano, eos, neo etc
it's worth learning more about, the developer is a true genius and I hope he succeeds

I'll be following it on Bittrex for the time being. Is there a wallet to hold the token in so I do not have to hold them on an exchange?

the actual agoras platform isn't out yet, these are placeholder tokens much like EOS have placeholder tokens as erc20 tokens

these tokens are omni assets based on the bitcoin chain, you can move them over to https://www.omniwallet.org/ if you wish or dl the entire omni core blockchain (btc blockchain)

you can also export the private key from omniwallet etc.

I'll have to do that. Unlike EOS, we're not in an ICO correct? The damn USG gets grumpy when it comes to owning ICOs.

Sounds intersting. Need to read it once again. thank s for the info man!

it's defintiely worth doing your own research on this project
it's by far the most ambitious and revolutionary crypto project out there, lead by the smartest guy I know

Yes you are right Traffy!

Thank you for this info.. I will have a look at it... since a few days I heard about ADA. I didn't see anything about it on steemit.. I hope this will be a future one to hodl

ada is quite good by ordinary standards, similar to eos
but the problem with those platforms is they're more or less just ethereum clones that belong in group 2 in my intro

Tau/Agoras is a completely different beast, sure it can do smart contracts, but they're very limited compared to what it's trying to accomplish in the grand scheme of things

defintiely worth a look and hodling a small amount just in case

On a lighter side "tau" is elder uncle as we call in india ....👍

haha there are some indian initial investors in tau
the tech is very impressive, deserves a look

This seems like the Artificial Intelligence of crypto. Actually I am impressed with the logic and responsibility of the founders.

I'm just a little afraid of buying face tokens. The direct sell has been put on hold according to the website.

Agoras looks like a promising company. Thanks for introducing this to us. I hope the best for you.



yes direct sales are suspended for a while, but all unsold tokens by the time the full agoras is out, if any (which I doubt), will be burnt

you can only get them on bittrex atm, which are freely traded

Thank you for your words. I understand and will look into it more.

Tau or agoras ? Which is important?

They're basically the same project, the name often confuses people
Agoras tokens are the only way to invest in tau
Think of Tau as the internet (which you can't invest in) and Agoras as google, apple, facebook and amazon combined

Maybe I prefer tau.Thank you for informing me.

This is a must for me. Since its coming from the great traf. I won't bother too much about the technical jargon as I could even barely understand a thing. Plus I found myself reading one sentence too many times. Bottom line is I'm def giving this a try.

at the very least it's worth a 'just in case' investment
tau is my only recommendation other than steem

This is one of the most interesting pieces i have found on this platform. I will be jumping over this project this instant. It seems like something really revolutionary.

This kind of technology, as the base of something using gamification, could be really the next big thing. It is like creating a fully functional virtual world, a place of infinite trial and error, wich advances could have an actual impact in the real world.

It is fascinating.

It truly is
A true semantic web and search is only a part of it
So for eg, you can easily have an app that can find you friends or dates who share the same nuanced political views, tastes in music, academics, etc, any view based on the users interactions with the knowledge base blockchain

so you can basically just ask which of my friends prefer abstract algebra to topology, or prefer R2D2 to C3PO and get immediate meaningful answers

there's far more to the features of course, but that's something I missed in the article

Sounds amazing. So, it is like an intelligent organizer? Taking everything that relates and constructing groups, communities and projects in a logical way?

ohad is a great guy i have knonw him a long time and he is very intelligent we have not spoken in a few yrs thou

you really know him? how?

i nearly made a coin years ago with Ohad , unfortunatley it was one of the chineese programmer who released it . and tried to scam the community this was back in 2014 , both myself and ohad was devostated , Shorlty after that my daughter was born i spoke 1 or two times to him after that but not for a long time he is a great guy and very clever i messaged him today on fb

oh, what was the coin called? does he know you by jimjam?

the coin was called Pow . Powercoin was a real shame how it ended put lot of work in and burt myself out . the hacker or dev who ever it was still never confirmed put it out several times , i had to get Dmca take downs was complete lunacy and as i say two days later my daughter was born and we lost touch he is still on my fb ,
Ohad was really upset to and we just lost touch . the ideas this guy had in the early days are now becoming reality . if he is doing this will be succesful he is a super super genius . tell him when you speak to him thought about him many times over the years .
i expect greatness of this project !!!

hmm, strange
the guy in the video in my post right? no mistaking it? ohad asor?
he's drawing a blank
don't think he even recalls powercoin

pop in IRC and come say hi, he checks it multiple times a day

whats the irc channel !!! ?

bro 100% its Ohad an israeli guy , ask him does he still speak to Duzy Chan ? @Trafalgar bro its 100% Ohad i have him on one of my facebook accounts !!!

sure you don't mean zennet?

Nope the coin was called power coin it was in january 2014- feb 2014 i looked on my fb over 4000 messages together lol he will know who i am lol for sure

Thank you for the tau intro, warrants a deep dive 😀

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Wow, go go Israel :)

i heard this first time from you Tauchain, thanks for your sharing, i will research and making me to deposit @trafalgar

need article on some coin which will become more people millionaire ....

Sounds interesting, but I think I will invest in ICON and WANCHAIN in the moment. But thanks for sharing, I will keep an eye on it!!

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