Hey! Crypto is going down hard, pay attention.

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Hey all, hope you sold a lot of your crypto on the way up, or on the way down.

It's going down further. A lot further. There are many huge crypto exchanges/hedgefunds/VCs/ and entities that are super over leveraged.

If you are on twitter you would see all of this news, it's @celsiusnetwork on twitter that is about to go under potentially today, and have over 500 million of customer assets liquidated. They paused withdrawals and stuff on accounts and it's really bad, this will be worse than Luna crash.

There are more to come that are just as bad. It's going to get really fucked up. really fucked up.

NFA/DYOR of course.


Financialization is destruction of sound value, IMHO. I am sad for many that have been lured into accepting such assumptions as are requisite to speculation. I am sure their suffering is harsh. It makes me angry at the banksters sabotaging the foundations of civilization today. So many generations of people have labored their whole lives to build the industries and infrastructure that underlies the blessings we fortunate few have known, and the deliberate destruction of literally millenia of hard work and sacrifice, of love and devotion to their posterity of the builders of civil society, by the broken psychopathic banksters ongoing feels like a disease in my very bones.

As the myth of financial wealth withers and vanishes before our eyes, I hope we can hold fast to the real, sound values that have built civil society from the barren wilderness from which it has been developed, because doing so renews hope, creates purpose, and enables us to create the blessings of civilization and share them with our good fellows.


Yea its pretty bad right now.

Luna had 100s of thousands of people see their money go down by over 99%

Celsiusnetwork is going to have that same issue soon.

A few others are going to happen also, we don't know which ones yet but Coinbase looks pretty bad right now.

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I posted every 4 months about when the crash is happening and it is still going.

It will continue.


Bitcoin dev team controlled by AXA Ventures for 6 years for a 55 million usd fund, aka big banks part of Bilderberg.

So no, bitcoin isnt fine amd hasnt been fine since then.

Bitcoin cash however...

This has been known for 6 years. You can choose to learn about it, or not. Given most of my interactions with you, you typically choose to not learn. I do not expect you to read any of this or understand it, but I tried.