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Our Purpose

The tag informationwar is for posts discussing Information War, Propaganda, and Disinformation. This covers the history and methods of infowar, where it fits as a method of war, what fakenews is and how to recognize it, and tools for fighting the war.

Tools include critical thinking, logic, and intelligence methods

This also deals with the current war that the Deep State is fighting against us, and how we can fight back

The ultimate purpose of InformationWar is to give you tools to defend liberty in this war

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How can You Help?

Delegate 25 SP

Delegate 50 SP

Delegate 100 SP

Note 1 - add your steemname in between "delegator=" AND "&delegatee=informationwar"
Note 2 - remember to keep at least 50SP in your account so you don't run into any bandwidth problems.

Video - How To Delegate Steempower To Help The Information War!!!

Purpose of this post

  • This post will explain Our Purpose
  • This post will explain how you can support out mission
  • This post will list our mods and their biases, as well as those people who back the account in other ways
  • This post will cover curation guidelines (these will be guidelines, mods have discretion to curate)
  • This post will serve as a discussion point for how we curate...(we can take this discussion to steem.chat if necessary!)
  • This post will give you the scoop on our logo

The Team - @informationwar Moderators (and our biases)

The Team - Backers (those providing Steem Power and/or SBD donations to the account)

@newsagg (managed by @dwinblood)

The Team - Discord Mods

@metalmag25 (mod for the en espanol channel)

Curation Guidelines

Note- These are guidelines, not rules. Mods use their own discretion to curate.

  • Yes, curate your own related content. Try not to go more than 3 times a day, but I understand that events can cause waves of posts...

  • Don't worry about "draining" the account's Voting Power; if you are uncomfrtable with the current VP, make sure you ReSteem relevant posts

  • Tags to search for related material (feel free to add your own to the list)
    introduceyourself (looking for new Steemers who are interested in our concepts...@bashadow has already introduced a new Steemer to us, for example)

  • Video - Video submissions should be accompanied by a written summary of what the video is about and who is featured. Feel free to suggest this to video creators whose work you'd like to curate here

  • Try not to curate the same person too many times a day; use your own judgement ;>

  • When leaving our comment on curated posts, be as specific in the Relevance: section as possible as to WHY you curated the post

  • We can curate w/content we don't agree with if we feel the post fills the basics of our purpose

  • Don't engage in argumentation on this account; if dispute occurs, move to your own account and continue from there.

  • Don't engage in "backhand" curation...Relevance: this poster is an asshole...;> I'd suggest a counter-post on your own account and then curation from this account.

  • Avoid curating copypasta posts. Feel free to suggest to such submitters to add their own analysis. Perhaps refer them to this post, You can write for #informationwar....easily and on a format...kick that writer's block in the junk!

  • Every once in a while, read Our Purpose ;>

  • change our comment template to reflect

Curated for #informationwar (by @ curator)
[Our Purpose] (https://tinyurl.com/infowar3318)
https:// steemitimages.com/DQmbvxo2fycNNfCjuac3j6hHhcwdjBSFgz9wVAdPZWmhy7E/iwresized.png
remove spaces

Mod "scheduling"

It doesn't matter if all 3 of us are curating at the same time; we each have different views as to what qualifies as worthy content, and we might pick up on posts that others miss.

We may confuse each other by resteeming something that another of us just resteemed, but we know the possibility and can look and see ;>

If we need to communicate, I'm fine with being transparent by commenting on our posts, but we can use Discord if you need some privacy.

What does the logo mean?

Symbols, from top to bottom

  • Rising Sun
    A) Illumination
    B) A New Day

  • Computer Monitor
    The battle is fought on an information/cyber battlefield

  • Daggers
    A) War
    B) Covert
    C) Specialized



I don't have shit for SP so I'll give this a resteem this to my 418 followers

yeah @funbobby51 , me too , awesome movement here on SteemitM this actually resembles very much the sort of free speech defending organisation we were talking about no ?? ) ! Great post and thankyou for having created this great way of making various accounts here on Steemit one Spear @informationwar ! I Nice work chaps )) SteemOn4Truth !

that helps more than you think, so thank you!

looks like streemian upvoting is working, i just watched two upvotes happen recently. woo hoo!

also, I'm going to adjust our curation comment

it's the fanbase, I think...fanbase =folks UV the account, curation trail=folks UV what account UV

still kind of wonky, my setting is for 20% but I am UV @informationwar @ 100%. No biggie

ausbitbank suggested another service, and I'll look into it next week

was it steem auto by chance? that was the one metal was talking about.


Redeemed, best I can do lol!

Like I told @funbobby51, those resteems help a lot!

You're welcome to join us on Discord for the meeting or anytime there are usually a couple of us there

thanks movingman!

Curated for #informationwar (by @stevescoins)
Relevance: Test Comment
Our Purpose

It seems I know about this post too slow. I will soon become a member here, looking forward to welcome from you.!

I like that @JeromeCorsi is on Steemit it seems and also @Cernovich and @Stefan.Molyneux and those might be might be my top 3 currently. Thanks, @InformationWar for this #InformationWar community.

We would need them to start using the Informationwar tag, which I don't think they ever have yet. If we could reach out to them to let them know it would really help.

Agreed and we will continue to tell them about it.

Looks like you guys have a good thing going here. Unfortunately my steempower is way to low at this time. Following and re-steeming is pretty much all I can do right now. Good Luck!

Not a problem!

Check out our post here about following the curation trail, your account would vote on things that we vote on! You would be helping build up others and yourself at the same time :)

Check it out here https://steemit.com/informationwar/@truthforce/anltjzni

Thanks, @truthforce writing

I have a few posts you may want to
consider for the purposes of curation.
With the contest we'll fashion weapons
that will be used against those who censor.

FFF-SOS Has Infiltrated Steemit!
FFF-SOS 'Patient Zero' Petitions @randowhale
Create Memes Against Steemit Censorship! – $25.00 SBD in Prizes!

FFF-SOS is not a competing entity, I'm not asking for or looking for delegations. I'm just here to propose a decent Creed for Steemians to live by. Along with the notion that we must respond to censorship on this platform, if we are to preemptively save the platform.

The contest will be active until the 31st. Sponsor one of the prize winners and @informationwar will be listed as one or more of the sponsors. In three days I will not be able to edit the post.

Thank you for your consideration, I hope that informationwar will consider joining.

FFF-SOS (patient zero & fellow infowarrior)

Hi, this is @stevescoins

we have been discussing the possibility of dedicated flagging and our own "response" capability

The promise of the FFS-SOS looks like a welcome addition to Steemit

we are running a Discord channel to which you are invited if you'd like to discuss this with our IW community at large

or you can find me on Discord personally ;)

Thank you for the invitation @stevescoins

It sounds very interesting, I'll definitely check into it!

Hey thoughts-in-time

If you would like to help support the informationwar you could check out our post here about following the curation trail, your account would upvote on things that we vote on! You would be helping build up others and yourself at the same time :)

Check it out here https://steemit.com/informationwar/@truthforce/anltjzni

Thanks, @truthforce writing

resteemed and upvoted unable to delegate (minnow). I am a truth seeker and info warrior myself and create content regularly. Made my way here because of extreme social media censorship on the big platforms. Steemit is my home now. Glad to see there are more of us awake and aware out here on this platform. God Bless

Hi, Welcome to Steemit

We're working out some organizational and process details now, but you are welcome to join us on Discord

Also, tag your posts with #informationwar for a better chance of us seeing your work

Please check out our post here about following the curation trail, your account would vote on things that we vote on! You would be helping build up others and yourself at the same time :)

Check it out here https://steemit.com/informationwar/@truthforce/anltjzni

Thanks, @truthforce writing

Followed! Wish I could have caught this post a few days sooner

We have a meeting tomorrow, check this link for details :) https://steemit.com/informationwar/@informationwar/03-17-discord-meeting

Thanks, @truthforce writing.

Thanks again for sending the link to this post. Am a bit wiser now. Also nice to know what the logo stNds for

Hey guys, this is an awesome idea I would love to be a part of. Please check out some of my posts, I believe they fit into your classifications.

I will support this project as I can with my minnow status!


Hey guys.
First of all: awesome work!

I just wanted to join your discord channel, but the invite is already expired. Could you give me a new one please?

Thanks in advance