Cardano (ADA) Analysis and Outlook in January 2021

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Cardano (ADA) - January 2021

It's been a good start to 2021 for Cardano with 85% of HODL'rs in profit and only 6% taking losses.


Key Insights

  • Whales and Investors account for 27% of accounts.
  • The average hold time is 5 months.
  • 179.02K addresses have held for 1+ Year.
  • 314.27K addresses have held for 1-12 Months.
  • 204.79K addresses have held for less than 1 Month.
  • The number of Retail traders has spiked +191.11% in the last 30 days.
  • Trading volume has increased 10.61% in January of 2021




Trading Insights

  • Most resistance can be found between 0.368 USD to 0.389 USD.
  • Only around 1,300 addresses bought between 0.389 to 0.411.
  • Once this area is clear there is very little resistance until 0.63 USD.
  • Most addresses currently losing bought around 0.63 USD.

break even.png

break even.png

Social Insights

  • Telegram activity is at an All-Time High this month.
  • Twitter activity is at an ATH this month.
  • GitHub Stars is at an ATH this month.
  • Search trends are at an ATH this month.




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