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Hi All,
We are happy to announce that @hiveupme curation bot latest version - Version 1.0.3 - has been released successfully. With this upgrade of the system, we managed to retrieve finalized data to the front-end via Google Firebase DB. This might be used with our upcoming web UI.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

With the latest version of the script, now you (if delegated) can find a brief summary of data which is related to your delegation on our curation project, at the Memo section of VAULT Token History.
So far we are sharing more than 18% APR with the curation revenue distribution bot script. Yes, this might be possible specially we are managing a Blacklist of delegations of developer's delegated accounts.

Upcoming Features

We hope to add below listed features with the next versions of the Community Curation Bot.
  • Front-end development
  • Time based curation upvotes
  • Curate listed content creators / trending content creators
  • Customized upvotes


I got my last vault tokens 4 days ago, can you take a look at it?

I have sent you a memo message regarding about this. First we have used script (V 1.0.1) which is generated tokens per 2 hrs based on delegation at that moment and set APR as 10%. (This is the way most of curation reward distribution bots work on)
With our script Version 1.0.2 we have removed this current time based reward distribution & added upvote - curation based reward distribution. As a result of that, each upvote saved with it's delegations to the DB & reward sharing happening when curation of that upvote appeared. (Probably after 7 days from the upvote).
So, you earned tokens based on 10% APR while we are running the Version 1.0.1, but with Version 1.0.2 and the latest 1.0.3 your earning start happening after 7 days. (This works with past data)
Let's assume you have removed your delegation from @hiveupme. But due to this script you might get earnings for next 7 days time period, because this works with past data.
Your current earning of the delegation will begin at 2020.08.29 & will continue on that onward.
Please join our discord channel & thank you very much for delegating to @hiveupme. You will see the different between regular curation - delegator reward sharing bot & the concept that we brought to the industry.

Thanks & Best Regards
Our discord :- https://discord.gg/kXwESr

Ah ok you changed the reward cycle. Ok then I will have to wait a bit more for the next tokens xD

When curation rewards appeared to the account it distributes :)

Now it's started :) You can sell at 0.1 HIVE market price.
We keep pushing HIVEs to keep the pegged price!


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