Curating IntroduceYourself Posts on Steemit for MSP! Issue #10

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Let's meet
some of the newest
members of the
Steemit Community!

Welcome to my weekly curation feature
for @Msp-Curation!

This weekly blog brings your 5 new steemians # Introduceyourself posts. These are intended to share with the community a bit more about you and what you plan to blog about on Steemit!

I am an active human curator for three separate curation groups, @MinnowSupport Project, @OCD, and @Muxxybot. Each group gives me an opportunity to share with the curators new user content, and to hopefully help get these new users some more views to their intros.

The @MinnowSupport Project is a community you can join on Discord Chat with now approaching nearly 10,000 members. The community is part of the Peace, Abundance, Liberty Server, which is the theme of the group. Minnow Support is full of members who are very helpful, and you may make some friends as well! In my opinion, it is a great community to be a part of on Steemit.

Each week I find many good posts in the Introduce Yourself Tag in my curation travels. I find my favorite 5, and share them with you all in these weekly curation features as part of my curation with @MSP-Curation.

Please join me in welcoming these five new Steemians!



Our first featured Steemian is @artndesign, who join us from Venezuela! She shares with us that she loves music, and that she is a designer. She enjoys traveling, and also shared with us some of her other interests and hobbies. Her introduction post has many nice photos as well! Please join me in welcoming @artndesign to the community in her intro post below:

"¡Hello, Stemmians!"


Our second new members to share with you is @shnau! She joins us from Venezuela as well. She is an artist, and shows us one of her recent works in her introduction! She hopes to connect with other people and artists using the Steemit platform. Check out her new introduction post, and say hello to her in the post below:

"Hellooo, I'm Natt and I do art!"


Our third new user to share with you this week is @penxelstudio! They join us from Kuala Lumpur! @penxelstudio shares with us that they are passionate about things like art and adventure. They also are a photographer, and an avid traveler. Check out thier introduction post in the link below, and join me in welcoming them to the Steemit Community!

"Introduce My Self - An Extraordinary Journey of Myself"


Up next we have new Steemian @hazelwink to share with you! They come to us from Iligan City, in the Philippines! She shares with us some of her many hobbies, which include music, crafts, and are. She is a biology major in Botany. She shares many nice photos in her introduction post as well. Take a moment and say hello to her in her introduction post below!

"Me, Myself and I 😊"


Our fifth and final Steemians to present to you think week is @desisthename! She joins us from Los Angeles, in the United States! She is a self described Vlogger, Blogger, Singer, Actress, and more! She shares with us some of her history, as well as a few nice photos as well! Join me in welcoming @desisthename to the Steemit platform in her introduce youself post below!

"Des is the name: My Steemit Introduction"

A big shout and and welcome to all of these new members
of the Steemit Community!

You can check out the @MinnowSupport Project by visiting them on Steemit, or by joining the DISCORD CHAT SERVER. The group now has over 9,000 members that you can chat with, learn from, and maybe make some new friends as well! We hope to see you soon in MSP!

Thank you for reading,
and welcoming these new members!

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Thank you very much for sharing my publication. I've been on this platform for a week and a half. Thanks for the support you give me. The first time I heard about steemit, I didn't know what it was, when I researched I saw very good comments. Now I can confirm that it is a very united community where we can all share and help each other. And to all the new ones, like me, I hope we continue growing in this beautiful social network. :)

You are very welcome, I hope that a few more people will check out your blog! Happy Steeming!

Wonderful curation again!
I like how you pick them and introduce them to us all here on the platform to give them more exposure for MSP


as always thank you for all of your support, and for being a good friend @PoeticSnake!

This is a good idea. There should be more of these as there are a lot of newbies joining Steem these days.

Thanks @johnwjr7, I agree. Shining a light on some new members seems to be helpful! Minnow Support has been a great community for me to join as well. It helped me a ton!

First of all thanks for the great support and making community better. As a new member i know how much it means to be supported by people like you.
So many great people already supported me for my introduce post, but can you check it out and tell me what do you think about it. My introduce post was amateurish but i wrote a new post today and it turned out to be good in my opinion. Waiting for your thoughts about it, means a lot.

Wish you all a very warm Welcome Guys :)

Lets together make this platform a place of peace and harmony. A big shout of honor for @ma1neevent for showing so much kindness to all these newbies <3

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

hey @ma1neevent
its a very good platform which is you get better earning and social friendship, its wonderful steeming and excellent project. i agreed with your stuff and great work.
all the best and keep it up

It is really very helpful task you are performing for the newbies joining steemit. Every one joins with a hope to get recognition from this amazing platform and you are among those who give their hand of support for the newcomers. Your helping hand is a ray of hope for many. Keep doing this beautiful and visionary work.

Iam new to steemit. Ur info was helpful.. Keep posting..

Very cool. Upvoted by @eastcoaststeem ran by Steemian @chelsea88. My goal is to support east coast Steemians through manual curation and facilitation of steemit positive initiatives.

Hello! Do you know of any community here dedicated only to photography? I would love to share my work with more people interested