A Beginner's Guide To Steemit Curation!

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Steemit curation is a trending subject on everyone's mind. As an avid user of Steemit myself, I offer the following advice on how to curate effectively on Steemit:

• Follow Steemit users whose posts generate more than $80 with each post they make. These posts attract "Whale" users who possess large voting powers.

• When Steemit users upload a post, upvote the post within the 18 - 22 mintue period for maximum curation rewards.

• Buy Steem Power! Steem Power will increase your curation rewards when you upvote. Also, when you upload a post yourself, set your reward to 100% Steem Power.

• Important: Only upvote 10 - 15 posts a day, otherwise your upvote will lose it's value overtime. Your upvote is valued in a percentage of 100%, which is its most valuable. If you upvote too many posts in a day, your vote will decrease in value to 80%. Your 'Voting Power' is reset back to 100% after 5 days. My 'Voting Power' is 86.42%. You can check yours at www.steemd.com.


• If your new on Steemit, at all costs, do not upvote your own posts! Save your vote for the other users who generate alot of money on their posts. Once you get more Steem Power, then you can start to upvote your own posts, because then your upvote would be worth something to you.

Hope this information helps you!
Keep on Steeming!


Thanks for the advice, new the to space and learning. Steem on!

Your welcome. You can ask me anything as I'm quite new to Steemit too! Thanks.

You nailed it on this. Funny I was looking for something informative for new users and you did exactly what I was searching for lol. So your upvoted and I will RESTEEM this on our Facebook page in hopes this article makes it easier for new users to grasp the curation rewards.

Feel free to swing by and check out your RESTEEM on our page at:

Keep up the good work, hopefully my posting will shoot you some more upvotes that you deserve

Thank you, I really appreciate your support. I hope Steemit Blogger Central is a success! 😄

Anytime, honestly you just made my work there easier with this lol..once less thing to explain, just point them to your article lol. Honestly I am no fan of FB myself but its where everyone is still at so I figure use that to our advantage. Maybe one day spawn it to a whole site or something but for now just getting the LIKES in to start the movement is where I am focused. Keep up these tutorials now and then, should get you some upvotes and I will keep resharing for you as I see them come out

Thanks for the advice

Your welcome, anytime 🖒

Thanks a lot - I did not know this. Much appreciated. I just upvoted you - from now on I will use them wisely. :)

@MattiusMaximus and @SimplyRose, this post has great info!!

If you vote 40 full votes per day, you will go from 100% to about 90%. That is the number of recommended votes. Or you could vote 80 posts at 50%, etc.

When you are completely brand new with no steem power, it doesn't make a difference anyway as you can't earn curation rewards until your steem power increases.
If you were to have bought into Steemit with a lot of Steem Power, and don't care to blog or gain followers or voters, than your advice to only vote on blogs that are regularly top earners might make sense. But you can make curation rewards on regular posts that become popular without you expecting them to. If you spread out 40 votes that way, you are likely to win at a few of those posts.

You won't get anywhere building up your blog if you don't make friends. To make friends/followers, you have to go and comment on people's blogs that you relate to and vote for them and follow your favorites.

Thanks for your help.
How do I upvote posts at 50%, the option to change percentage doesn't appear on my computer? My upvotes just stay at 100%??

You have to be at so much steem power before you get the voting slider. I'm not sure if it is 100 or 250 maybe??
Until you get the slider, you might as vote as often as you want since you likely can't earn curation rewards at that low level anyways.

This was really helpful to me… thanks… Synchronicity in effect..

Hey question... Can you guide me to post or info about the Timing of Upvote for "max" curation possibility

@phrase, thank you so much for this post! I notice that this post is 9 months old. Do you think the information you provided is still current? Thank you again!