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RE: A Beginner's Guide To Steemit Curation!

in #curation5 years ago (edited)

You nailed it on this. Funny I was looking for something informative for new users and you did exactly what I was searching for lol. So your upvoted and I will RESTEEM this on our Facebook page in hopes this article makes it easier for new users to grasp the curation rewards.

Feel free to swing by and check out your RESTEEM on our page at:

Keep up the good work, hopefully my posting will shoot you some more upvotes that you deserve


Thank you, I really appreciate your support. I hope Steemit Blogger Central is a success! 😄

Anytime, honestly you just made my work there easier with this lol..once less thing to explain, just point them to your article lol. Honestly I am no fan of FB myself but its where everyone is still at so I figure use that to our advantage. Maybe one day spawn it to a whole site or something but for now just getting the LIKES in to start the movement is where I am focused. Keep up these tutorials now and then, should get you some upvotes and I will keep resharing for you as I see them come out