STEMGeeks Curation Opportunity

in #curation2 years ago

In the past STEMGeeks did not support delegation, but when we moved to Hive we enabled the delegation feature. With this, we can offer some official curator positions.

I am offering two official curator positions that will include a free delegation of STEM. You can apply for one of these positions on STEMGeeks Discord in the #curator-application channel.

Leave a message with your username, and a brief description of why you think you would make a good curator for STEMGeeks. Over the next few days, I will review the applications and choose two curators to delegate to.

You cannot self vote with this delegation, and if it is abused, it will be removed.

The delegations will likely be around 25,000 STEM Power each.

I am only considering users who have been active in the STEMGeeks community.


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PS: this is not an application... ;)